Times Radio has been blasting out an interview with a detransitioner for the past 20 minutes, I've been sitting in the car listening in horror

The usual shite, trans women are abusers etc, just a warning that we are in the media again so eyes open today girls xx

This guy has not one but two great ideas on how to solve the "cars drive past me while I'm walking my dog" problem

His second long article boils down to "close this road so I can walk the dog on it in peace"

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When an article starts like this, you know you're going to get an insanely detailed list of very specific traffic issues and surefire ways to fix them by sending the traffic somewhere other than past the letter writer's house

"I'm no traffic engineer, but here's a full page of my views on how to fix the traffic anyway"

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Covid-19, joke 

...welcome to my ASMR video...

Hey,, when I sign up for one single weekly newsletter, it doesn't mean "please then email me on a Saturday morning about your wife's new graphic design business"

That is literally unsolicited mail - doesn't matter that I'm On Your List, I've only given permission for you to email me for one specific reason


Sorry but this is 100% true, most of the vaccinated people I know do all these things

Suicide prevention, Humber Bridge 

"There have sadly been a lot of people jumping off the bridge lately."
"Yes, what should we do? Improve mental health services so people don't get to a point where they need to jump off the Humber Bridge?"
"Are you bonkers? That won't work, let's put some traffic cones across the footpath."
"Sorted. Pub?"


I know the Guardian like their doom and gloom, but this is taking it a bit far

Three months late and after an impromptu trip to the wrong country (it came in a bag with a polite apology from Canada Post) I now have probably the only copy of the US Radio Tower Site Calendar in this country

March's pinup is KOOQ AM 1410 in Nebraska 🌽

It's that time of year again (how is it that time of year again?) - students' union manifesto week!

I only read them for the puns. My favourite this year has to be "vote Romaine, and lettuce turn over a new leaf"... πŸ₯—

The tiny town of Clun, in Shropshire, has an ancient street called Buffalo Lane

But buffalo have never roamed the Shropshire hills, nor anywhere else in England, and it's really unlikely that the Normans who laid out the town in the 12th century would have set eyes on one

Why on earth is it called Buffalo Lane?

I got my mum a really silly locally made birthday card yesterday

Radio stations "celebrating" International Women's Day when the entire daytime lineup is normally blokes need to get in the bin

So many news stories yesterday with radio stations trumpeting their "all female lineup day" when the schedule is normally a ceaseless white sausage fest - do better

(attached: two normal schedules for radio stations which sent stories to Radio Today about how committed they are to women and IWD)

...are all in the North

[cue haunting distorted strings of Jerusalem]


There's a photo in the paper - behind a paywall so I've screenshotted it here - of a bunch of blokes in a pub in Prague. All of them look over 60 if not 70, sitting cheek-by-jowl, masks pulled down while they neck their pints.

We know men of a certain age are most at risk from Covid. What on earth is going on over there? 🍻

Me connecting to a Raspberry Pi on my own local, wired network. WTF?

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