@wolfie Remember those websites that used to block right-click and put up a "clever" dialog box saying something like "haha not so fast, thief"

Because no one ever right clicks on a web page unless they want to steal images πŸ™ƒ

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@artsyhonker I guess I just wish people up here would stop slagging off London, there are really nasty undercurrents of racism when they talk about the place, "those people aren't like us, it's not really English is it" stuff

If we want a strong England, we need a strong London, but also a London that is accessible and open - at present people from up here find it really hard to move there because of the hugely higher cost of living, that should change πŸ’™

@s0 I want it

I don't know what "it" is, I just know I want it

The power of advertising

@onepict I can't be the only person who read that story and thought "the what party?"

I thought they disbanded in the 80s

Covid vaccinations 

Everyone, before they get their jab: "Vaccines for us first! Jab the Brits! Don't send vaccines abroad!"

Same people, immediately after jab: "It's ridiculous that we're vaccinating people younger than me! Stop it now, send the vaccines abroad!"

You could immediately tell when they'd started doing 40-something newspaper columnists because the tone of the opinion pages changed almost within days

@nakedambition I want to lose my regional accent as part of my voice training (that I'm doing myself) because I don't feel like I need to identify the town or region I'm from every time I speak, and I work with a lot of people from all over the world and a neutral English accent is more easily understandable than my dialect

Sadly the more I attempt to feminise my voice, the more I just sound like a scouser

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@artsyhonker The problem is inequality, not geography

Politicians would love us to be at each other's throats - old vs young, north vs south, leave vs remain, and so on - because it distracts us from the real problem, which is them and their elite friends leaving the rest of us with the crumbs

I hate the idea that I should care more about inequality because it's happening in "my" region, southerners are people too 😈

ukpol, poverty, birbsite 

@artsyhonker I am someone who very much feels like the "north/south divide" narrative, particularly where it relates to northern devolution, is too simplistic

There's a town in Cheshire with McLaren, Ferrari and Tesla dealers; there are places in the "poor" North East with million pound houses and branches of Waitrose

A lot of "northern independence" rubbish feels like it's saying "we care about you because you're from Barnsley but not you because you're from Brighton"

@welshpixie It reminds me a little bit of the old quarry building on Yr Eifl, above Trefor on the LlΕ·n peninsula

They look like some evil villain's lair looming high on the mountain


@welshpixie Those are so cool! Are they the ones where you can break off a bit of the leaf and squeeze it and aloe vera comes out? Someone I know has one of those in her house

@s0 I used to have a USB stick that had lost its plastic covering and was just the USB and the bit with the chip, so I wrapped it in gaffer tape and it looked punk af

I did replace it with a new one fairly sharply, though

@welshpixie So it was you who snuck into my car to take a photo earlier on

@dumpsterqueer It doesn't say it's a man in the article but yeah it's a man

@welshpixie I think Ofcom might get involved if I got someone in to rub my gong on the air

@welshpixie I googled it and I've actually met someone who at least at the time did it for a living!! I'd just forgotten that's what it was called

Years ago I was struggling to fill a radio show and got one in to do a demonstration on the air, they literally sit there banging a gong while you have your eyes shut and meditate, it's supposed to be relaxing or something

It relaxed me, it filled 12 minutes of radio

@welshpixie According to this article "meditative gong baths" are the new hot workplace perk

Sounds faintly kinky

@welshpixie An *awful* lot of students at our university just get Deliveroo most days and don't use their halls or student house kitchen, seems like an expensive way to live but there are a lot of very well off students these days

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