[1/2] I could use help from the Mastodon hivemind. I'm looking for a job as sysadmin or in IT support, preferably (but not only) hybrid/remote, I'm based in Berlin.

I have 10 years of experience with unixoid systems, put up a good fight with printers, have helped build layer 1 at a festival three times and then done 1st level support during the festival. I'm an autodidact.

I had contact with many other technologies and have basic programming knowledge, all I lack is uninterrupted experience.

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I can teach myself missing skills in fairly short time. My CV is available, people for reference as well.

Looking for a full-time position where I can grow my skillset to be what is needed by educating myself.

Other skills include hardware repairs, multilingualism (autodidact), basic webdesign and more. I've worked as volunteer German teacher for refugees. EN/DE native.

Boosting this is welcome, on the normal market I have small chances due to lack of professional experience.

Thanks a lot!

I am now also DNSSEC/SPF/DKIM/DMARC certified.

@aleix DB Systel is (as far as I can tell after two weeks) a good employer and definitely open to applications with not perfect CVs (such as me). Teams work independently, but you also get the perks of a big unionised organisation.

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