Am Jungfernstieg wird im wesentlichen gestanden und die Lombardsbrücke ist von hier aus gesehen voll. Läuft!

Richard Stallman resigns as president of the Free Software Foundation

Our statement:

Im britischen Parlament steht der Bullshit-Level bei mindestens einem Meter und dann passiert so ein Highlight. Respekt!

Today is the last day your donation will be earmarked to help us respond rapidly to security issues and smash the bugs ahead 👾💥

Thanks to everyone who gave to the #TorBugSmash this month 💚💜

some of the cool new features in firmware release IcebergLettuce: upload files over serial connection, more fonts, better menu, analog measurements from wristband GPIOs; get it on your card10:

Furniture return on Sunday: bring your chairs/tables to the drop points ("X") from 12:00 to 22:00, then get your deposit back by the main gate ("O"). CC @c3infodesk

Das Espresso Operation Center (EOC) @nomnom hat wieder offen!

#Essen ist fertig! Gemüsecurry mit Reisbandnudeln 😋🍽️ bringt am besten euer eigenes Geschirr mit, unsere Teller sind begrenzt... #vegan food is ready now. Bring your own plate! #byop #nomnom #nomnomupdate #cccamp2019 #cccamp19

We are looking for somebody who can have a look at a problem with the electronics of an electric wheel chair. If you think you can help, please report to heaven!

The Book Exchange at village is waiting for your books! (There's also a few left.) Right next to the tasty, tasty Espresso!

#Nomnom at your Service. Vegan food every day at 7pm. #Coffee Operating Center open during the day. #cccamp2019 #cccamp19

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