In response to that one person, who wrote a blog post about how the CCC has become too political and how they didn't go to #CCCamp2019 because of an "Antifa or GTFO" atmosphere, I designed these.

Kinda wanna print some t-shirts. Anyone know a good place to do collective orders?

@spacekookie actually I can understand that a bit.

I mean being political is a good thing, but especially the antifa people are more the "fight hate with hate" kind of people and most people who are not into covering their face and throwing stones can feel offplace.

I think there is enough hate in this world, we really don't need antifa where ever we go for some ""political"" statements.

History proven that hate and anger are the least things that improve anything

@Vamp898 lol @ "fight hate with hate". Ah yes, fascists and racists will be won over by kindness.

Fuck off.

@spacekookie @Vamp898 I hope this attitude will never be general opinion of the members in the CCC. because then we have lost or neutrality in every way.

@fnord @spacekookie @Vamp898 "our" (not or, sorry) neutrality in terms of being impartial, open for every thought and _not_ judging people or opinions by their heritage or speech. See our Hackerethik: "Hackers should be judged by their acting, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position.". And being pro/against antifa is a position.

@rince @fnord @spacekookie @Vamp898 Since you're specifically discussing the CCC here, failing to mention the Unvereinbarkeitserklärung seems...selective?

That's most definitely a "position" and luckily it's not "neutral". Fascists and their enablers, GTFO.

@alexander @fnord @spacekookie @Vamp898 yes - but saying "be antifa or go" is far more than the general unvereinbarkeitserklärung. And that's why I am against such a position

@rince @fnord @spacekookie @Vamp898 Not everyone has the privilege of simply blending in when it's too late. So if you're just going to let the Nazis march through, which is what being "neutral" really means, see above.

@alexander @fnord @spacekookie @Vamp898 so, in your words everyone who is not Antifa is bad and a Nazi? Interesting view.

@rince @fnord @spacekookie @Vamp898 In my actual words: if you're spending a lot of time on the Internet explaining why anti-fascism is a bad "position", you're definitely part of the problem. Now kindly go troll somewhere else, I'm done with your bullshit.

@alexander @rince @spacekookie @Vamp898 I think the point he's trying to make is: anti-fascism != Antifa. I had that discussion yesterday, but I'm not sure yet to what extent I agree, tbh.


@fnord @spacekookie That's his tactic as of this moment, yes, but it's not the real problem. Scroll back and read all his nonsense on "neutrality" etc. again. Did he state his clear opposition to fascism anywhere, or what his idea of resistance is? Exactly. Instead, he is "open for every thought", LOL. A typical Hufeisen-Dude. He will do well under any political system. I will never expect solidarity from persons like that. Don't let them slow you down.

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