Well, I fell over on my May goal of posting a climate tech link every day XD What I learned is that my brain hasn't changed, and I'd better have the entire month planned out in advance if I really want to commit to something like that.

6/ Exciting options for alternative PCB substrates!
• Jiva Materials (@JivaMaterials@twitter.com) – cellulose-based, biodegradable, recyclable; ramping toward general availability! jivamaterials.com/technology
• Mobius – chitin from shrimp shells! Still theoretical: youtu.be/XIlbsm7Lwlw

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5/ "@lowtechmagazine@twitter.com refuses to assume that every problem has a high-tech solution." They run a site/magazine with info on building : solar.lowtechmagazine.com

AND, it runs off a -powered !!! Learn how (HW + + ): github.com/lowtechmag/solar/wi

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4/ Becky Stern (@bekathwia@twitter.com) did a cool power class on @instructables! After a couple projects introducing the concept, it covers building a battery charger and powering . ☀️


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3/ Project Drawdown gives the most effective solutions to reach drawdown (where greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begin to decline). Heavily researched, concrete, diverse solutions: , land use, power, shipping, utilities, education...

It's an inspiring list! Really shows how people in ANY discipline have applicable skills for . 💚✨

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Learn about the awesome #climate saving magic of refrigerants when used safely:
CFCs (a popular refrigerant) are also INCREDIBLY potent greenhouse gases, so we should handle them carefully and make sure we’re using them strategically (like in heat pumps!) if we use them.

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One of my favorite prototyping techniques is using 0603 surface mount passives and SOT-23 transistors on standard 0.1" perf board, because the pads make for perfect soldering islands for them.

2: ClimateAction.tech is a great place to find events & orgs, hear the latest in / / industry / legislation, and gain hope through connection.

Plus, LOTS of postings for paid work you can feel good about!

...And for me, introvert extraordinaire who gets paralyzed by the fear of failure bcs I can't show up consistently: it's Fine Actually 😄 You can come, ask questions, share your work, find resources, and not feel like a jerk. 💯

They're on twitter too!

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I want to post a link every day in May. Stating it here so I have a little extra push :)
To start with, here's a simple wiki with some resources for people who want to build + . Made it for my talk last week, now working on migrating elsewhere, but it's a start! Please share any links that might fit:
All other links will be archived there 💙

I’m not as active as I’d like, in part because content from others tends to come in fits and starts and therefore my own does as well.
Is there such a thing as a Mastodon queue (like Tumblr would let you queue posts) to have a more consistent sprinkling of content? I’d definitely use it and follow people who did as well...


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