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#FOSS works best when we're pioneering something new that the entrenched players don't even want to think about because it's against their business model.

Right now, #activitypub is creating something really interesting and new ( the #fediverse ) by being an interoperable layer connecting previously separate proprietary services. #Twitter, #Instagram and #Reddit won't share content and comments, but #Mastodon, #PixelFed and #Prismo (+others) will...

#Diaspora? 😢

Is @tagsexplorer out of order or will it come back?

Das erste Mal Spam über XMPP bekommen. Ist Jabber damit jetzt im Mainstream angekommen?

@rixx Bei Toots mit Fav passiert es hier umgekehrt auch.

@rixx Kannst du den Bug hier bestätigen, dass wenn man einen Toot in der rechten Leiste öffnet der Fav-Stern erst gelb ist und dann sich drehend grau wird, also quasi vom Fav-Status (falsch) zum nicht-Fav status (korrekt) übergeht?
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob Instanzbug, Mastodonbug oder Browserbug.

Ist eine Heliumfestplatte als Datenplatte nutzen eine schlechte Idee?
Besser als shingled oder heat, oder?

Ich kapiere heute erst die Anspielung im Mozilla-Namespace "".

User style to disable spoiler warnings on mastodon Show more

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Does somebody have a "font awesome" (or similar) icon for mastodon?

User style to disable spoiler warnings on mastodon Show more

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Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world?

It was a disaster. Then we added microtransactions and in-app purchases.

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Q: Why do communists drink fruit tea? A: Because proper tea is theft.

Can I use a OV7670 camera module with a microcontroller like the ESP8266 or similar? How fast does the chip need to be to process an image fast enough?

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Warnung vor den Nebenwirkungen von öffentlicher Fahndung nach Entführungsopfern Show more

OTOH: EoE isn't as strange as the original end of the series.

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There are two kinds of people in the world, those who don't understand The End Of Evangelion, and those who really don' t understand The End Of Evangelion.

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Is there a function in the mastodon API to delete app keys which are generated using the API? seems not to have such a function.

I deleted
The bot was a nice thing to test using the mastodon API, but I think I do not need to keep it running.

There are some other 8ball bots in the fediverse if you need to make an important decision.