The next version of will only depend on tracking / browser Fingerprinting:

With a browser which blocks tracking, you will get a low score and no access to the services protected with this captcha.

I did not manage to meet the score threshold even with a fresh firefox profile, probably due to a VPN IP address.
Or because I did not visit enough google services with this profile before testing ...

Test it yourself:

@allo time to give up? I already have a hard time with the current version...

@allo dunno, just give up and use all the cool new tech like everybody else. It's not that we are actually achieving something by trying to protect our privacy. We are being tracked via our friends or or even worse, other methods we just don't know yet.

It's completely futile and at the same time terribly inconvenient for us, at times socially awkward.


It will bite you some day. Not today or tomorrow, but who does delete any data which could be still valuable? The next leak come for sure ...

@allo you couldn't ask for better timing though. First fb now g+

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