I forced a bot to read all seven Harry Potter books and now it is writing its own fanfiction.

For more stories follow Harry Botter:

The bot is currently still learning, but I will keep you updated with more samples via the Mastodon account.

The bot may take story prompts in the future.

The bot reached 10000 learning steps today. That is when I stopped the smaller neural network, that I tried before. The loss of this neural net is still decreasing, so I keep it running.

Sorry there is no new excerpt today, because the sample from step 10000 is not so good.

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@allo hey, I have several GB of HP fanfiction, if you need additional training material (

@franzt I may come back to this.

I thought of training other models by refining the current one with fan fiction. Once you have a good model, refining it with more text is a much faster process than starting from scratch.

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