Which chat service/protocol do you prefer? #matrix or #xmpp
Boosts appreciated

@n0btc i've been thinking about setting up a matrix server of my own but nothing seems as comfy as ejabberd
@am @mewmew @fenix @n0btc I just wish anything in the FOSS chat space was good~
@allison @am @fenix @n0btc Matrix will eventually be good but XMPP will be forever bad - shigeru miyamoto, or something
@mewmew @am @fenix @n0btc "Matrix will eventually be good"
Sincerely, press X to doubt
@allison @mewmew matrix will be good in 20 years when they finally merge my msc
@cadence @allison matrix-specc yeah, spec team won't merge anything and the community gets frustrated at the lack of progress on well-written features

I swear I heard this story before

@mewmew @cadence @allison i could just go write xmpp specs for decentralized chat and what else uuuh. a reply-to field for arborchat/zulip threaded comments and an edit message spec. (though to be fair there exists the last one, but it recommends only allowing edits to the very last message, but also says people might ignore this down the line.)

that would probably take less time than matrix to stop sucking. :blobcatgiggle2:


Are you sure, it allows only to edit the last message, or is this only the implementation in popular clients? afaik it allows to edit any message that has a unique id.

> While it is possible to use this protocol to correct messages older than the most recent received from a full JID, such use is out of scope for this document and support for this SHOULD NOT be assumed without further negotiation.

@icedquinn This may change in the final version of the XEP. And in the meantime I saw clients with a retraction function (it's another XEP), which is also interesting.
On the other hand I noticed that people are surprised that you're able to read the original message. The edit function may be misleading when it comes to security.

@allo corporates seem to love the idea of edit/retract buttons scrubbing histories.
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