Daily reminder that for many blind people, #Apple is the most useful and productive mobile operating system. It's not that Android is hard to use, but when text selection, especially on the web and in email, is from hard to impossible, and when one cannot spell check what they've written, and typing is either a minor annoyance (braille (input not registering sometimes) onscreen keyboard (very slow usually) external keyboard (yet another device to manage)), you begin to understand why people who don't enjoy customization, or getting the "most" out of a device choose iOS, especially for accessibility, and the AI of image recognition and such. And FOSS phones, like the PinePhone, won't be accessible until Orca/ATSPI can communicate with touch screens, and that won't happen without developers.

So, when you get that urge to say "I told you so you Apple sheeple, you should have been using FOSS!" Try to remember that some people don't have much of a choice.

#a11y #FOSS #PinePhone


@devinprater Maybe an unpopular opinion: This is still no reason to use Apple devices.

Imagine the only food someone serves you is poisoned. Then you'll say, "I won't eat it" and not "I am hungry and have no other choice, so better poisoned food than no food at all."
Not using something bad is always an option. Even when there is no alternative, there is always the alternative to use nothing at all instead of using something bad.

@allo This is definitely a choice one can make. And maybe if more blind people jump to Android, Google will take notice and help more, or blind programmers may step up and do their part. Or, even better, contribuors to AOSP step up and do even better than a few blind programmers can. But in your scenario, the person will die either way.

@devinprater The scenario was a bit incomplete. The argument is usually a comparision with a school canteen. where you can either hunger (and eat at home later) or eat bad meat.

But the point is: When option X is bad, the first step is not using X.
The next step is to replace X by something that does the same in a better way, if there is such a thing.

The prime example here is not having Facebook. You can't replace it completely, but there are some not so popular alternatives. Like Mastodon.

@devinprater And this would be a nice selling point for Android alternatives, when they provide better a11y than Android.

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