Menschen die nicht verstehen was ein USB Typ c Kabel ist ... und dann antworten ich hab ein Samsung Kabel. Das war a) nicht die Frage und b) bist du immer noch in den 2000-2010 stecken geblieben?

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cleared out a shelf and kinda accidentally ended up cleaning my (former) work desk in the kitchen.

got rid of all the junk from when I created the Procession album cover and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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Uiuiui, am 12.7 kommt ein neues Album von 🤗

Vorab gibt es schon mal "Polunosznica" zur Einstimmung und Verkürzung der Wartezeit😊

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I’ve been living in my apartment for 4 years now and have never had any curtains in my bedroom.

I've finally gotten some black ones a month ago now and it's just the best thing! I‘ve had forgotten how awesome it is to be in control of the brightness in your bedroom.

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Times #Discord has tried to track me in the past day: 500+

Times #Reddit has tried to track me in the past day: 1000+

Times #Google has tried to track me in the past day: 2000+

Times #Mastodon has tried to track me in the past day: 0

Times #Funkwhale has tried to track me in the past day: 0

Times #Matrix has tried to track me in the past day: 0

This is why we need to leave proprietary network services. They will *always* track you. #privacy #selfhosted

@clerie zur Not kann man ja auch den Schalter fragen :)

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@f2k1de der Mülleimer könnte es nicht mehr zurückhalten :)

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CW depol 

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Over Night Cultures (ONC) of colourful bacteria, isolated from soil. Looks cool, right? ;-)

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@Khaosgrille The EU parlament speaks many languages, they have for each language translators for the mep's.

Bestes Argument gegen Enteignung, die armen Aktionäre würden dadurch geld verlieren ...
Also ich hab keine Aktie ihr?

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Reminder: Privacy is your right. You shouldn't be exploited for using the internet. #privacy #humanrights

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Ich weiß dass ich mich unbeliebt mache,
aber nach den Wohnungsbaufirmen sollten wir weitermachen mit den enteignugen

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Bezeichnend: EU-Kommission weigert sich, nur noch mit registrierten Lobbyisten zu sprechen
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this guy

- sniffed the traffic for the android security system
- disassembled their secret apk they send when you cna decode the messages
- rewrote the whole service
- found a message 'contact us' in the code, wrote them
- they called him back a few months later
- didn't take him on because he wasn't good enough in developing a base64 encoder over a telephone interview

So these are the mega-brains at google.
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