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"Client did not pay? Add opacity to the body tag and decrease it every day until their site completely fades away"

Since the whole #HackerNarratives blogpost would be unseemly long, I decided to publish the first chapter - on popculture:

"For years, we've been accepting the capitalistic and individualistic narratives on technology, painting an invention as a work of a single, exceptional individual - not years of work of the whole scientific community or a group of engineers."

#popculture #freesoftware

Do you know any projects to contribute to? I think I need to refresh that JS dialect.

Wesołych świąt całemu polskiemu Fediwersum :)

Hey @Purism ! Is there a way to get a Librem 5 development board now? Are you going to this month?

Google asked a writer to make a presentation for their employees to then broadcast and monetize for free.

He would have been the only person in the room not being paid.

This is everywhere. People wanna consume writers’ work, but don’t wanna pay them enough to eat.

With newly learned I started working on Mastodon server. After several days of research I discovered that there is NO automated solution to generate OpenAPI / Swagger documentation for Rails REST endpoints.

The same takes literally `one line` in : django-rest-swagger.readthedoc

Now a 3-points ticket turned into 21.

Seeing how much worse is its automated endpoint support, is there anything that Rails is better than Django at?

Hey @mastohost ! I contributed some code do Mastodon which was just merged to `master`. Do you have any schedule of upgrading your instances? I'd love to see new features live!

Addressed the next batch of comments in the notification filters. Pagination should work properly between different categories now!

Is there any group of Mastodon designers I should run my ideas through? I can see that the Issues on Github aren't that active.

Another / suggestion: we could add visible dates for every notification in the Notification column.

Right now there is no way to tell when an action happened based on the information in the Notifications column. It took me a few days to realize that the date displayed now is the date of the original post, not the action itself. I imagine it is similarly confusing for other newcomers.

The code is ready at . Please comment there.

With all the chaos caused by #tumblr banning adult content and looking for #tumblralternative , I have a suggestion:

We could create a mechanism to allow people to import their existing tumblrs on Mastodon. Could work well with mechanisms like which transfers #mastoart into a single "stream".

I'm implementing a new notification filter for easy switching between different types of notifications:

The current issue is that we want to avoid line overflow for longer languages. Do you think that icons + tooltips are readable? Or should we change to text-only?

For everyone who would like to read all the notifications easier and sort through them, I just implemented a quick filter bar:

It needs a little more polish with the translations and soon it will be merge-able!

Do you know any artist / reporter / social researcher who would like to go to #35C3 , but didn't get a ticket?

I have one to sell / trade and I would love to pass it to someone who will help the general population to understand hackers better.

It looks like somebody put some malicious code in a library used by a lot of serious companies.

The lib was written for fun years ago and the maintainer handed it to the next person interested in taking care of it.

JS has no standard library to speak of, so every project relies on hundreds of such near-anonymous libs.

Isn't it time to start talking about a consortium-maintained and audited standard lib for JS?

It seems that was making use of React Storybook, but it was removed at some point:

For me the Storybook is one of the most important tools for React, allowing to develop the components and test them against each other without generating fixtures on the backend.

Right now starting to develop Mastodon frontend is... tricky, even with the little docs we have:

What do you think about it?

So here's what am thinking for the FLOSS e-ink reader / #kindle alternative idea, were @Purism to build one after the #Librem5.

In terms of hardware, re-use the SoC from the Librem5, since it would already have mainline support, cut out all the cellular stuff, like 4G modem, GPS, Bluetooth etc. to reduce the cost of the finalized PCB and speed up development time significantly.

On the software front, make a minimal Linux-based firmware, capable of booting as the GUI.

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