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So here's what am thinking for the FLOSS e-ink reader / #kindle alternative idea, were @Purism to build one after the #Librem5.

In terms of hardware, re-use the SoC from the Librem5, since it would already have mainline support, cut out all the cellular stuff, like 4G modem, GPS, Bluetooth etc. to reduce the cost of the finalized PCB and speed up development time significantly.

On the software front, make a minimal Linux-based firmware, capable of booting as the GUI.

It looks like doesn't have any up-to-date developer documentation.

The previous dev guide: and vagrant guide: are archived and no longer maintained.

The new docs have a section for administrators, but not developers:

I want to help with , but I don't want to install everything locally to be able to fix some JS problems.

A good and up-to-date dev guide would be a great help for new contributors!

Is it possible to see only the `notification__message` part of a notification in ? My toot was boosted several dozen times and my notification stream is cluttered by its copies.

If now, what is the pipeline of adding a feature? Should I just start an issue on Github, wait for someone from the core devs to approve?

2018 Campbell Speech, How New Authors Expand Fields (+Censorship, Manga)

on and how it made understanding the world harder to people through the

Just finished reading "Too Like The Lightning" by Ada Palmer and would love to recommend this science fiction written by a historian. Especially good for technology and innovation-obsessed people who forget how the past and culture affect our world. Take a peek into a world which claims it's post-gender and post-religion. Is it really?

I'm out of social media (including mastodon) until further notice. Please contact me at alxd (at) alxd . org

Is it possible to configure to automatically generate captions from image tags without custom Jekyll syntax?

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Deactivating Facebook, Messenger & Instagram Show more

@njoseph thanks for supporting and hosting Mastodon.

I wanted to ask you about : do you know any communities / sources beyond the and Sunvault? I'm especially interested in reporting stories, as Solarpunk is missing a lot of what hackers are _really_ doing, especially in Africa.

I find extremely Solarpunk-heavy, but with very few writers / journalists wanting to cover that.

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@quarktheawesome @FuckOffGoogle @aral

Google font: they serve the font file to your visitors. It's a file transfert. So, they collect a log entry on their server with their IP/browser/where-they-came-from/etc... and because many dev use Google-font, they have a map of most of your visitors move accross the internet.

You can read my "second fight" on this article I published in 2016 :

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Google no longer indexing decade old articles (that means 2008!)

Time to duck duck go, if you haven't already.

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"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."

A piece of concept art for based on @noisebridge hackerspace with it spacious, full of light ambiance. Feel free to use it in your 'Spaces!


Bigger version available at

For the last two years I was looking for an artist interested in illustrating 100+ pages, now I see that it may be too much. Im thinking about creating an anthology of pre-scripted stories, 8-10 pages each.

Are there any graphic novel artists interested in working on a graphic novel about real hacker communities and open culture - ? Paid gig. - because anarchy is much more fun with friends. is a small Mastodon instance for and by the Chaos community surrounding the Chaos Computer Club. We provide a small community space - Be excellent to each other, and have a look at what that means around here.
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