I'm out of social media (including mastodon) until further notice. Please contact me at alxd (at) alxd . org

Is it possible to configure to automatically generate captions from image tags without custom Jekyll syntax?

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@njoseph thanks for supporting and hosting Mastodon.

I wanted to ask you about : do you know any communities / sources beyond the hieroglyph.asu.edu/2014/09/sol and Sunvault? I'm especially interested in reporting stories, as Solarpunk is missing a lot of what hackers are _really_ doing, especially in Africa.

I find theguardian.com/world/2015/dec extremely Solarpunk-heavy, but with very few writers / journalists wanting to cover that.

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@quarktheawesome @FuckOffGoogle @aral

Google font: they serve the font file to your visitors. It's a file transfert. So, they collect a log entry on their server with their IP/browser/where-they-came-from/etc... and because many dev use Google-font, they have a map of most of your visitors move accross the internet.

You can read my "second fight" on this article I published in 2016 : peppercarrot.com/en/article390

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Google no longer indexing decade old articles (that means 2008!)


Time to duck duck go, if you haven't already.

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"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."

A piece of concept art for glider.ink/ based on @noisebridge hackerspace with it spacious, full of light ambiance. Feel free to use it in your 'Spaces!

CC-BY-SA mikeliuzzi.com/

Bigger version available at wiki.glider.ink/_detail/art/sc

For the last two years I was looking for an artist interested in illustrating 100+ pages, now I see that it may be too much. Im thinking about creating an anthology of pre-scripted stories, 8-10 pages each.

Are there any graphic novel artists interested in working on a graphic novel about real hacker communities and open culture - glider.ink/ ? Paid gig.


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