I'm implementing a new notification filter for easy switching between different types of notifications:

The current issue is that we want to avoid line overflow for longer languages. Do you think that icons + tooltips are readable? Or should we change to text-only?

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@alxd As those icons are used throughout the UI, it should be fine. πŸ‘

@signalvsnoise @random could I ask you to write that or πŸ‘ in the issue? This will give it more visibility.

@signalvsnoise @alxd Not necessarily.

Currently they are used in two meanings – as buttons to do something – favourite, boost, follow... – and, in the case of favs and boosts as indicators how many favs or boost a toot has and as links to a detail view who liked or boosted.

This feature will add a third meaning to the icons = more cognitive load for the users.

Bur thanks to the position directly below the notification header it should be clear in this case (if properly labelled for screen readers).

@lilo @signalvsnoise could I ask you to write that on Github as well?

If you have any other ideas, please let us know! I think using the text would be the best option - if not for longer languages. In those cases something shorter would be needed.

So it's either icons or cutting out one of the categories (which I wouldn't like myself).

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