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Downsizing ( ) ist _nicht_ was ich mir darunter vorgestellt habe. Und trotzdem gut. Ich glaube, ich habe noch nie einen so irreführenden Trailer gesehen.

Symbolbild: Diskussionskultur auf Facebook

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This wspr thing is getting ridiculous. 2543km with 1W. How this this even physics?
Also I've got FD-3 attached to the facade now. Its VSWR is about 4 ... it sucks. Still gets me to north iceland.

@aral i've seen you toot about the Galaxy S9. I also considered it, but I'll stay on my trusty one plus 3 for now. The bad repairability of the S9 bothered me. Is that something you factor into your device choices?

Dear programmes, please don't start yet another chat or messaging solution. We have plenty of those. In fact, we have more than plenty.

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"I'm not a programmer, I'm not a designer, I'm not good with computers at all, every time I use something, I break it"

That's actually a very useful skill, because we want people to break software in testing!

Want to contribute to Fedora? Here is how to help testing packages:

#linux #Fedora #fedoraMagazine

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@privacylab @mozilla Hey Mozilla, here's my entry:

I had a recent invasive experience with a browser called Firefox. The default search engine was Google, a surveillance capitalist. So I was being tracked every time I wrote into the address bar. (Apparently, the browser maker receives billions from Google.) Then I saw that third-party cookies were on by default and tracking protection was off. Finally, I realised I'd been sharing data and was enrolled in "studies" with the browser maker.

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Nur zur Erinnerung: NSU Bericht des hessischen Verfassungs"Schutz" ist für 120 Jahre geheim.

Bis zum
20. November 2134!

Das muss diese lückenlose Aufklärung sein, von der der Bundesstaatsanwalt immer spricht..

Ich zerreiße Uber immer Mal wieder. Unter anderem dafür, dass sie den Markt absichtlich kaputt machen um dann später Preise anzuheben. Hier sind Zahlen (2006)

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The article is mistaken about #Uber. It isn't a disruptive tech company, it's a plain old-fashioned scam.

Uber isn't getting market share because of apps or new technology, it's getting market share because it heavily subsidises rides. The price you pay for an Uber is only 41% of the cost of the ride:

Uber hope to eventually gain a monopoly, then jack the prices up again.

There's nothing "quixotic" or "luddite" about Europe fighting monopolies.

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Wie Strava sammelte auch Polar Fitnessaktivitäten seiner Nutzer auf einer Weltkarte. Darüber ließen sich sogar Militärangehörige identifizieren.… #Datenschutz #Fitness-Tracker #Polar #Strava
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This is your periodic reminder that you (yes YOU) can generate invites to for your friends if you have an account here ;)
(Not that I'm complaining about the amount of admin mail requesting invites, but … decentralisation!)

How Evolution Made Reality Obsolete...And Fake News Inevitable -

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@Digitalcourage Ein Grund mehr auch privat stationäre PCs kompett zu verschlüsseln.

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Some rare pictures of the making of Final Fantasy 7 found on ISOs on Internet Archive. These ISOs came from a 6-CD multimedia press pack given for the 1997 European Computer Trade Show.

Lots of vintage equipment and office cubicles~ (check out the professional monitors, and the SGI Indigo2 in the last image!)


(via -

- Dzuk

#gameing #gamedev #FF7 #1990s

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As it turns out that our issues marked as "good first issue" stay open for a very long time and don't really seem to attract any new contributors, so let's ask the important questions:

- When you want to contribute to a project, what kind of issues do you look for?
- What do you expect from these issues?
- What level of help do you expect?
- What time frame do you expect for feedback?
- Would you join a new platform to communicate (like chat)?

Feel free to give some honest answers :)

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Sometimes working on free software means to inform other people about problems you noticed and keep an eye on them.

If you want to get involved into #CodiMD we have some issues for you:

#freesoftware #GitHub #goodFirstIssue #welcome

SQLite can't correctly sort a REAL column without casting it to REAL once more? Weird.