On Article 11/13: we just found out Axel Springer’s dick is bigger than Google’s in Europe.

Oh, did you think anyone was actually fighting this to protect your human rights? Oh, sweet baby… you and I are only so much lubrication in a mounting battle of billion-dollar behemoths.


@aral Google already knows how to filter, they run content I'd on YouTube. Why would they oppose a law giving them an edge? Who, in your opinion, will provide filter services?

@aral "content ID" (sorry, autocorrect messed this up)

@amenthes Indeed. However, Google wants to filter your reality on its own terms; they don’t enjoy being dictated to. In the words to Eric Schmidt (to me, a few years ago at a reception in London): “I wake up every morning and I fight regulation. It’s what I do. It’s my job.”

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