So, where do I host my open source projects if
- GitHub is off the table (ICE contracts)
- Gitlab is not really my favorite (their wording they had to take back a few days ago)
- Self-Hosting yet another service is not an option
Any suggestions?

a great number of people made suggestions (thank you everyone who took time out of their days to write some stranger to help them!)

I decided to go with @codeberg - it is a hosted Gitea instance backed by a german "Verein" which is a construct I think is well suited for what I'm looking for. They are financed by donations and (apparently voluntary) memberships.

Find me at

@amenthes Sourceforge and OSDN are still around.. And, Debian and GNU let you host on them if your project is part of them. But all of these are really difficult...

Canonically I think we're supposed to host on friends' websites in this situation??

@amenthes I settled for self hosted.

Few options are trown around the fediverse last time I ask.
One from a German non profit, which I didnt try and something by a crypto fash which I didn't try for obvious reason.

Gitea was easy to setup enough (I had plenty of help on here too)

@amenthes sourcehut is another option. Completely opensource and also without javascript.

@amenthes I gave up and went with Gitlab bc it’s what I use at work

@mxsparks i can totally relate. Ironically, I have access to at least four running gitlab instances, one of which I maintain myself (but In a context not suitable to post my private projects).

@amenthes I believe that there are Gitea instances that are up that you can just use, although I don't know off the top of my head

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