So, where do I host my open source projects if
- GitHub is off the table (ICE contracts)
- Gitlab is not really my favorite (their wording they had to take back a few days ago)
- Self-Hosting yet another service is not an option
Any suggestions?

a great number of people made suggestions (thank you everyone who took time out of their days to write some stranger to help them!)

I decided to go with @codeberg - it is a hosted Gitea instance backed by a german "Verein" which is a construct I think is well suited for what I'm looking for. They are financed by donations and (apparently voluntary) memberships.

Find me at

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@amenthes I settled for self hosted.

Few options are trown around the fediverse last time I ask.
One from a German non profit, which I didnt try and something by a crypto fash which I didn't try for obvious reason.

Gitea was easy to setup enough (I had plenty of help on here too)

@amenthes sourcehut is another option. Completely opensource and also without javascript.

@amenthes I gave up and went with Gitlab bc it’s what I use at work

@mxsparks i can totally relate. Ironically, I have access to at least four running gitlab instances, one of which I maintain myself (but In a context not suitable to post my private projects).

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