Hi everyone, does anyone know stuff about free hardware licenses? so far, I only find "OSHW", but I wonder if there's the same distinction between Free/Libre and Open as in software. I'd rather go with free/libre if possible.

I have also found OSHWA, but I haven't looked to closely at it, yet.

I also usually start with GitHub's - but they are not very helpful for "non-software-projects".

I also know that Arduino publishes Schematics under Creative Commons Licenses (like the Arduino Uno Rev 3 )

What I'm looking for is the equivalent to the GPL/AGPL. Basic four freedoms, especially freedom to learn from the design, freedom to build it yourself (yes, including selling) the design, limiting warranty/liability), a strong copyleft (so MIT-Style things are out).

Bonus points if it's a battle tested license.


This may suit you.

There was another very interesting
site, But I have tried to remember it, and I am not able.

@amenthes I've used CC for hardware projects so far, usually covered all my bases

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