@x41 that time does not exist. Time is an unsigned integer.

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Star Trek Picard 

@daniel_bohrer @sheogorath and, yes, both are easily identified by last commit. But that is not always as clear. Sometimes a project is just in a very stable state and has very little activity. Sometimes the project has been dead but there's been commits to unimportant parts of a project ... and so on. That's why human intervention is preferable in my opinion.

@daniel_bohrer @sheogorath It's a slow process on purpose. This is designed in a way that's not really exploitable, because there's not really anything happening either way. But if a maintainer really does not care anymore (or is dead, or lost access or whatever) the project can get marked as inactive/archived/dead.

@daniel_bohrer @sheogorath
- People (a few at least) see "this looks dead" (for example by commits or issue activity
- People raise the issue in some defined way
- Maintainer gets a chance to _extremely simply_ sy "still active" perhaps single click on a link in some email
- If maintainer does not do that within - for example - 60 days
THEN the project gets marked as archived.

Maintainer can at any point reset this, even after it was marked as archived.

@daniel_bohrer @sheogorath every developer (caring or not) would have to do that themselves. That is not what I'm after.

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USA geoblocking EU citizens 

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#EthicalWebDev by EDRi: a guide to developers on how to move away from third-party infected, data-leaking, unethical and unsafe practices.

Thanks to @danny for sharing this with me as it's very relevant.


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@aral The answer from Amazon's spokerperson is priceless: "We’ll continue to invent more privacy features on behalf of customers.". You don't need to "invent privacy features" if you're not spying on people in the first place!

@aslmx @reticuleena Apple hatte einen unglaublich schlauen Schachzug gemacht: sie haben ihr Produkt in Häppchen in der Fernsehwerbung erklärt. Und wenn Leute es dann in der Hand hatten, dachten die dann "ach das ist voll intuitiv".

@sheogorath I know that they can be archived, but in case the account is no longer being used (for whatever reason) I would like to have a community way to be able to mark a repository as archived. Perhaps like a deadman switch on request.
Basic suggestion: a few people (not just one person!) suggest that a project is unmaintained. At that threshold, a notification is sent to the maintainer(s), giving them 60 days time to click a link that would just cancel it.

Autovermietung "Buchbinder" hat groß Scheiße gebaut. 3 Millionen Kunden inkl. Adresse und weiteren Daten standen offen zum Download auf einem ungeschützten Backup-Server.
Wenn ihr in den letzten Jahren dort Kund:In wart, am Artikelende ist ein Musterbrief!

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"Daten-Leak bei Autovermietung Buchbinder: 3 Millionen Kundendaten offen im Netz"

Oder anders formuliert: Eine riesen Schlamperei! Ein Backup-Server, der direkt via Port 445 von außen für jeden erreichbar ist? Da haben mehrere Sicherheitsinstanzen voll versagt. Gruselig.

Betroffene sollten von Artikel 15 DSGVO Gebrauch machen.


Github needs a community way of marking a repository as inactive or archived. I discover abandoned projects all the time. Of course maintainers should be able to override this. But in case of "don't care" or "lost access" or even "death of maintainer", there should be a way.

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@der_On @aral

I know people who have "ALEXA", who change the room for "private discussions" - in their own house!

I don't get it.

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It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

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