🔖 Eugenia Zuroski, "Holding Patterns: On Academic Knowledge and Labor" –

> We know academic institutions have great desire and need for what we have to offer. We feel it in being incessantly called upon to give of ourselves. We want to contribute our expertise in ways that feel just, supported, acknowledged, duly compensated. Right now, we feel like it is taken from us, that we are a resource being mined. You frequently tell us you welcome our voice, but we do not… matienzo.org/2020/267/zuroski/

Created a new Homebrew tap, anarchivist/homebrew-hamradio, for installing ham radio packages. FYI: Building Direwolf on macOS is much easier on the dev branch. (matienzo.org/2020/264/homebrew)

logging on for friday night radio club meeting for presentation from W6BSD

also absolutely wild to me that there's APRS symbols for Taco Bell

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I’m still in awe that I actually got transmitting and receiving APRS to work, but it’s cool to see decentralized service discovery in action. (matienzo.org/2020/261/aprs/)

I have a half written blog post about the coopting of listening by management, and this is such a good example of this kind of nonsense in action. It tells you that management thinks listening is actually a form of ceding power, instead of actually ceding any kind of decision-making authority freep.com/story/news/education

To be honest, I ain't steamed about the Passenger Pigeon Manifesto because:

1) this is not a bold, provocative, or radical statement for people in the GLAM sector
2) some named signatories clearly knew what they were signing bc they knew 1)
3) I am emotionally exhausted

Advocating for structural funding for core services? Really hard, in an era of "market logic of neoliberalism" (PPM's words).

Making a statement rhapsodizing about extinction, climate change, and invoking Santayana is easier

thinking about breadcrumb trails and service discovery as I muck about with aprs

i learned the German word for "ham [radio operator]" is "Funkamateur", and i'd say that describes me in multiple languages at once

“Ham radio is too regulated, so doesn’t apply to X use case.”

That’s like saying:
“I learned all this painting in college. Schools are regulated. It’s too bad, as it makes painting useless outside of school.”

The institutional knowledge in ham radio, whether in physics, electronics, or operational training, is absolutely vital right now. I don’t see how people can’t grok this. If a regime “shuts down the internet”, you can bet messages will still be flying on HF via CW. *IF* you know how.

Five months ago I asked what people’s plans were if the administration were to start shutting down parts of the internet

i don’t have any answers, and i’m beginning to think would probably be the time to start finding them

• we need video streaming apps that live upload to safe servers outside of the US

• we need ubiquitous, private, secure messaging across the wire and at rest

• and *we need meshes and networks that cannot be shut down at the government’s whims*

and it needs to be done now

Even though the air quality is really poor, I stepped outside for about 15 minutes to see if I could hear any ham radio signals from the International Space Station. For just a tiny bit I was able to copy some QSOs on the relatively new cross-band repeater. A little too hectic for me to jump in since I couldn’t remember my grid square… (matienzo.org/2020/258/ariss-re)

🔖 Packet Compressed Sensing Imaging (PCSI) –

Presented by @HowardPhotonics@twitter.com at the TAPR/ARRL Digital Communications Conference (which I missed); this looks really neat, with a proof of concept released under GPL. (matienzo.org/2020/257/pcsi/)

are there mastodon instances with active commmunities?

🔖 Mycelial Design Patterns –

> **Live cheap.** Fungi disassemble what they have available to them and build with the resulting molecules. This is what voice of the mushroom said to Terence McKenna: ‘when you’re a mushroom, you live cheap!’. We must strive to allow for running nodes with the lowest possible resource inputs. (matienzo.org/2020/253/mycelial)

🔖 Stuart Buck, "Replacing Spectrum Auctions with a Spectrum Commons", 2002 STAN. TECH. L. REV. 2 –

> As Congressman Edward Markey said in a debate on the fairness doctrine, “It does not seem to me to be an outrageous idea that broadcasters – who are granted, at no cost, the exclusive use of a scarce public resource, the electromagnetic spectrum – be required to inform the public in a responsible manner.” Indeed, to the extent that broadcasters or other users are… matienzo.org/2020/251/spectrum

mh, work, religion 

big Matt. 8:26 feels here.

i have a LOT of fucking complicated thoughts about this, not the least of which being the continuing rise of the consultant class.

ritual is important; it can be something that binds us together, but it's something that can be incredibly personal and private.

"Their business is borrowing from religious tradition to bring spiritual richness to corporate America."


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