@cancel luckily the steering wheel has more than three buttons

Looks like a 3rd gen Honda Fit. Did you get the infotainment system to boot 9front or hook something to the HDMI input?

@abortretryfail Ha! It's just the latter. It was mostly to get a sense of display resolution since I've never used the HDMI port in the car.

@anarchivist really wished my car would run some good maps... a mixture of organic maps, osmand tracking automated like traccar, abrp ev routing, tomtom navigation and fastest offline routing, tice location sharing, and finally steal from google maps content, all with #fupl (or at least latest agpl) while keeping bookmarks, tracking, and all data in sync over bluetooth with my phone!

looks like i completely missed my hope when i first read your post! 🤣
@anarchivist this has to be mirrored, right? No way is this running natively
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