To be honest, I ain't steamed about the Passenger Pigeon Manifesto because:

1) this is not a bold, provocative, or radical statement for people in the GLAM sector
2) some named signatories clearly knew what they were signing bc they knew 1)
3) I am emotionally exhausted

Advocating for structural funding for core services? Really hard, in an era of "market logic of neoliberalism" (PPM's words).

Making a statement rhapsodizing about extinction, climate change, and invoking Santayana is easier

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@anarchivist I'm retooting it even though I am mad about that "manifesto", because all these points are right (I am sorry you are exhausted :( )

I am mad that the institutional signatories come to us for money with one hand stretch out and then slap us for not doing everything with the other. but you're right -- they know what they are doing.

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