losing power is a reminder that i should get a laptop with better battery life

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@anarchivist now you’ve got a house it’s time to get a generator, put up an antenna, the whole works ... I might have a specific use case on my mind.

@platypus I haven't even put local repeaters into my HTs yet lol

@anarchivist I mean fair—you’re at the unpacking/adjusting stage. I just put in a preapproval application with our credit union so now all I can think about is native plant lawns (and deer) and antennae and potential sewing rooms and ahh ideation.

@anarchivist oh, which HTs do you have again, or was that something you send via Eira?

@anarchivist cool, thanks. I was looking at the kenwood one as an eventual second HT once it's warmer and I do hiking on my own again...

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