From the sales from May 1-15, I was able to donate $100.76 to the National Network of Abortion Funds! Thanks to all those who contributed.

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she's here. orders are officially shipping for the Black Tent "Managed Retreat" lathe cut 10", with posters & digital downloads available

in addition, 100% of digital sales, and any profits past the minimum price on physical merch (posters, zines, records/tapes) will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds through May 15.

Black Tent - "Managed Retreat" lathe-cut 10" out May 1, 2022 on Limited edition of 52 copies. Recorded December 2020-May 2021 and mixed May 2021-January 2022 in Seattle, WA. Mastered by James Plotkin, and records cut by Precarian Cuts. Final risograph packaging still in production, but here's a preview of the beautiful art by @acid_lich (which will also be for sale separately as an 11x17" poster). Choice of clear or opaque white record.

Figured out and finished the first steps of drywall repair.

I absolutely love working with Acid Lich. Color comp of the risograph sleeve/poster art for my upcoming EP.

My partner let me take her 10-year-old MacBook Air after getting a newer laptop for herself. I’ve refurbished it for some basic use (email, web browsing, conference calls, writing/development) by installing a new battery and SSD.

I had to install MacOS from internet recovery, and because of the age of the laptop, it started with Lion.

I admit some of the decision to do this was idle curiosity. My eight-year-old personal laptop, a 15" Retina MacBook Pro, doesn’t have a…

Listening to the masters for the new Black Tent EP. 👀🤞🏽

Second day of winter break breakfast: Dutch baby with Cana de Cabra and blueberries.

Just set off on a journey by rail from Seattle to Milwaukee and Chicago on the Amtrak Empire Builder. I’ll be using the time to reset and work on some creative projects while on the train. :)

My home for the next few days is this roomette. (

made a buttermilk cake.

desperate measures to use up overly ripe strawberries and boysenberries (

please give me your favorite hawthorn recipes because we have a big tree

Yesterday, I gave the keynote at the . The session was recorded but not yet freely available. I’m hoping to rework the text for publication, but on request, I’m willing to share the text of my talk, so contact me accordingly.

The title was ‘Archives at Point Zero: Towards an Actually-Existing Archival Commons.’

Here’s aa mindmap of related topics from when I was first asked to give a talk for the canceled 2020 Western Archivists Meeting.

I used lots of images…

experimenting with @edsu’s etudier to visualize some citation networks of vanity searches in Google Scholar.

This citation network is for the AIMS project’s final report. (

🔖 Foreign Objects X Eliza Collin X Genie Kausto An Introduction to the Bell System (2021) –

Still amazed by these jumpsuits from the Foreign Objects piece for Further Experiments in Arts and Technology.

> In An Introduction to the Bell System, we have made 5 embroidered jumpsuits exploring the history and working culture of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, between 1970-90. Though famous for the success of the Unix operating system and…

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