Tavuk köfte. Added some roasted peppers and chard to increase the veg.

🔖 Step Inside The Museum of Obsolete Library Science –

It takes a special kind of confidence to call your company Innovative Interfaces, especially when your innovation seems to be to just take a regular keyboard and make a bunch of the keys not do anything. (

Last night’s AX.25 failures turned into success! I followed K1CHN’s second post on using the TH-D74A’s TNC over Bluetooth, and successfully made my first connection to a packet BBS, N6ZX-4 on Kings Mountain.

logging on for friday night radio club meeting for presentation from W6BSD

Experiments with SSTV encoder/decoder, modular synthesizer, and effects.

Manipulated image created from multiple still frames. (

Instagram Live stream using a live-coded sample looper in Sonic Pi and the Paracosm Lumen software video synthesizer. (

Trying to recompile 9front kernel to get wifi working on a Raspberry Pi 4, and am closer, but still not quite there. Definitely feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. In any event, I’m trying to get Richard Miller’s `ether4330` driver to work under 9front (`bcm64`) and am a bit out of my depth.

Also getting a little more used to acme, finally. (

Messed around and installed Plan 9. The SDF tutorial is a good starting point.

Good thing I had a three-button mouse nearby.

My new album is out. Eight tracks of disquieting drone/ambient/shoegaze, inspired by anxiety, climate grief, crustaceans, the coast, and nuclear power.

I recently tried making the Beddia dough for pizza after seeing @pizzaqueenphl post about it. Turns out it grills up nicely!

Prosciutto, mozzarella, and backyard arugula

Mozzarella and pecorino sardo (

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