My new album is out. Eight tracks of disquieting drone/ambient/shoegaze, inspired by anxiety, climate grief, crustaceans, the coast, and nuclear power.

The 1990s were truly the absolute peak (note: this was not always a good thing) of over the top archivist discourse, this is a hill I will die on. (clip below is from "The Archival Bestiary"

since merveilles is delving into pdf territory, "How To Break PDFs" was a great talk from last winter's #36c3.

the talk goes into detail on the structure of postscript documents and concepts before introducing the talk's exploits

@TeamMidwest there are many ways in which Blackstone is evil; i am at least appreciative for their truly cross-domain repugnancy.

Ancestry is being acquired by Blackstone for $4.7B, in case if you were wondering if there was money to be made in exploiting family history. Blackstone is also known for such great hits acquiring SESAC, the performing rights organization, and acquiring a 50% stake to the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana from Shell for $1.2B. Not to mention the many evictions in Blackstone-owned buildings in California. (

One of the things coming out of the Research Forum are the net negative structural and strategic impacts of contingent labor on archival practice. It seems to make poor economic, practical, and long-term sense to rely on it further and it’s disheartening to see that we’ve had to. (

@andrewjbtw I think his undergrad degree is in geology, IIRC - but maybe he demonstrated some knowledge through his position?

@andrewjbtw Jack did the online MS at Georgia Tech - seemed like it was a good fit for his goals, and i wonder if he might be interested in chatting more?

I recently tried making the Beddia dough for pizza after seeing @pizzaqueenphl post about it. Turns out it grills up nicely!

Prosciutto, mozzarella, and backyard arugula

Mozzarella and pecorino sardo (

DRONE FOLDER/MUSIC FOR ARCHIVES on Friday night (Aug 7) is an unofficial / event! See Sched for info:

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I'm hosting Drone Folder/Music for Archives on Friday, August 7, 2020 at 9:30 PM Eastern/8:30 PM Central/6:30 PM Pacific. Join your archives colleagues for live ambient, drone, and electroacoustic music.

While we mourn not seeing each other in person for the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting, we offer the opportunity to gather online and imagine the sounds of our future reading rooms. Register for the Zoom meeting.

Feel free to connect your gear and join…

The list of talks at ActivityPub conference is out:

Im happy to announce that @literarymachine and me will present #SkoHub,


↩️ @anarchivist hmm, where's the shortcode though? –

@eaon thanks for the reminder; slight oversight. the original post has been updated to include the code for the shortcode.

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these days i’m eating a lot of popcorn topped with coconut oil, curry powder, and either dried lime or lime juice. it’s delicious, my fingers and …:

suddenly trying to reconcile competing notions of manifests and feeling the loss of the giant whiteboard in my office (

М.В. Черкасова, «КАНОН» И «АРХИВ» В СОВРЕМЕННОЙ АРХИВНОЙ НАУКЕ США. Поволжский педагогический вестник, Том 5, № 4 (17), 2017.:

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