Web Archives in Repositories inkdroid.org/2022/05/24/wacz/ I’m fortunate to be back at code4lib again this year. It gives
me hope to see this conference working in the same spirit as it started
out with, albeit with much honed mechanics. It is also refreshing to be
talking about someone else’s work, in this case the work of the
Webrecorder project, rather than my own.

One of the dire pitfalls of PhD research, and academia more generally,
is the tendency to focus so much on your own int

Happy to announce that the slides and facilitator playbook from "Including and Unleashing Everyone: Facilitation with Liberating Structures," the workshop that Hillel Arnold and I taught, are now available: matienzo.org/2022/code4lib-ls/

Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

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I wrote a thing to get it out of my system but am now wondering what I've missed from this list.

What would you add?


From the sales from May 1-15, I was able to donate $100.76 to the National Network of Abortion Funds! Thanks to all those who contributed.

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Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it: bjoernkarmann.dk/occlusion-gro

@elizabeengland i think IMA images are just raw sector images, typically from PCs

@Manyeyedgirl OK - should be resolved now! your order should ship this week.

she's here. orders are officially shipping for the Black Tent "Managed Retreat" lathe cut 10", with posters & digital downloads available

in addition, 100% of digital sales, and any profits past the minimum price on physical merch (posters, zines, records/tapes) will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds through May 15.


@andrewjbtw I had a job interview once where I talked about "seamless discovery," and I was told that "well-seamed discovery" was more important

My new experimental text editor is live:
Adjust the grid size and text direction to create weird and expressive layouts.

i am really enjoying the new mizmor + thou and claire rousay albums

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