@edsu that's what i ended up using. i'm a little grumpy that i can't do something schema.org flavoured.

current status: making Hugo barf out G**gle Scholar compliant metadata

@TeamMidwest "collective collections" a la big ten.

i keep wondering if documentation strategy can be a tool or lever, or if that's just a means to continue fracture collecting

@dbs @VickyRampin agreed with Dan on this. we're a mixed O365 (staff/faculty[?]) and gapps (students) campus. i would be annoyed if i had to use libcal to schedule a coworker's time.

@ritualdust its hard to pick just one, but i'd probably pick "clairaudience" by severed heads as it kind of fits w/ the piece i submitted severedheads.bandcamp.com/trac

@TeamMidwest @platypus don't want to butt in here but there's also some ties back to non UBC electronic records research that was done for DOD by Georgia Tech

@platypus had to do some maintenance- our hvac system's condensate pump was overfull and shut our furnace off

as it turns out, owning a turkey baster is critical to surviving the current snowstorm in seattle.

friday night in seattle: snow, pags, and vcv rack

🔖 Facilitating Retrospective in the Prison –

> Remember the good old check-in activity for retrospectives called ESVP – Explorer, Shopper, Vacationer, Prisoner? I couldn’t imagine that “Prisoner” would become so literal for me - until I found myself in a real prison facilitating a Retrospective for a group of my cellmates, political prisoners. This article describes some lessons that I learned from this unusual experience. (matienzo.org/2021/043/razumovs)

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