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I've booked my Technician-class license exam. One of my coworkers seems to think I'll be the kind of person who gets a callsign license plate.

I’ve been tracking the CZU Lightning Complex Fires, which erupted over the last weekend after storms near me. The closest fires are about 20 miles south in San Mateo County and Santa Cruz County, although the smoke has gotten pretty bad here. I’m heartbroken for everyone impacted by this, which includes a few friends and acquaintances, and farmers from whom I get my food, who live in the evacuation area. It’s also a tremendously special part of California for me, and it…

% #postscript
/plant-rules <<
/X [/F /LT /PU /PU /X /PO /RT /X /PO /RT /F /PU /RT /F /X /PO /LT /X]
/F [/F /F]
/PU [/PU] /PO [/PO] /LT [/LT] /RT [/RT] >> def
/plant-render <<
/X {}
/F { 4 tg-fd }
/LT { 25 tg-left }
/RT { 25 tg-right }
/PU { tg-push }
/PO { tg-pop }
>> def

plant-rules begin
[/X] 6 lsystem

1 inch 1.5 inch moveto
65 tg-left
plant-render begin
{ load exec } forall

Trying to recompile 9front kernel to get wifi working on a Raspberry Pi 4, and am closer, but still not quite there. Definitely feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. In any event, I’m trying to get Richard Miller’s `ether4330` driver to work under 9front (`bcm64`) and am a bit out of my depth.

Also getting a little more used to acme, finally. (

Two nice introductions/guides to Mastodon via @Mayana:

- A video "What Is Mastodon? (And Why You, A Leftist, Should Be On It)" by @shonalika covering the basics and pointing out four advantages of Mastodon over things like twitter:
- A FAQ-style "Guide to Mastodon" by @noelle:

SolarSPELL, an education-focused, ruggedized offline digital library for low-connectivity contexts:

It's solar-powered and running on a #raspberrypi, see the ifixit guide if you are interested in building one:

/via @Argus

To be honest, I miss my ThinkPad 701C. Today it would have been a bit too heavy and underpowered, but the form factor, including the butterfly keyboard, was nice.

--> "what's the deal with plan 9" --> "huh, i should recompile this to get it working" --> "I STAN CIRNO"

instead of waking up from work stress dreams I'm actually waking up from dreams. what is even happening

well I decided to download XCode in full so I can actually compile native drawterm and not have to use xquartz. and now I'm trying to figure out how to patch libsec so I can actually get HTTPS to work.

Messed around and installed Plan 9. The SDF tutorial is a good starting point.

Good thing I had a three-button mouse nearby.

Pipeline Updates from Yellow Finch Tree Sit

690 days. That is how long the tree sit on Yellow Finch lane has been standing to block the progress of the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s proposed 301 mile corridor of pressurized, fracked liquified natural gas.

This week, @thefinalstrawradio speaks with Dustie Pinesap and Woodchipper who are at the Yellow Finch Tree Sit in so-called Montgomery County, Virginia, who talk about the MVP, the recently-cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline, resistance during the pandemic, solidarity with the uprising against capitalism and white supremacist policing and a whole lot more.

I enjoyed this episode 😃

We have decided to focus on documenting, and archiving, means of reusing and repairing older devices and programs. All of our tools are designed to work offline first, operate with little-power on older devices and operating systems. Operating this way, we can keep creating content while off-grid, and when our power and connectivity is limited.

My new album is out. Eight tracks of disquieting drone/ambient/shoegaze, inspired by anxiety, climate grief, crustaceans, the coast, and nuclear power.

The 1990s were truly the absolute peak (note: this was not always a good thing) of over the top archivist discourse, this is a hill I will die on. (clip below is from "The Archival Bestiary"

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