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🔖 Kelly Pendergrast, "Disassembly Required" –

> Instead, what would it look like relate to today’s machines as the 19th century weavers did, and make decisions about technology in the present? To look past the false promise of the future, and straight at what the robot embodies now, who it serves, and how it works for or against us. (

Last night’s AX.25 failures turned into success! I followed K1CHN’s second post on using the TH-D74A’s TNC over Bluetooth, and successfully made my first connection to a packet BBS, N6ZX-4 on Kings Mountain.

I bought a second-hand Kenwood TH-D74A recently (through Craigslist). I’ve messed about with APRS on it, used it for my first SOTA activation, and now am trying to get it hooked up to my Raspberry Pi to use its built-in KISS TNC for Winlink and packet BBSes. K1CHN’s post has been useful. However, shortly after connecting something is leading to it “disconnecting” over USB, with `cdc_acm ...: failed to set dtr/rts` showing up in the kernel message and adding a new device…

@platypus @hugh man consider being an American who moves and naturalizes. Like I use pounds for body weight but grams for other things. Inches when I'm trying to estimate how long something is but centimetres when I go to measure. Fortunately I'm all Celsius now except I gotta do hurried conversions in my head when I talk to my parents etc

🔖 Julia Viebach, "Transitional archives: towards a conceptualisation of archives in transitional justice", *International Journal of Human Rights*, 2020 –

> This paper seeks to trouble and complicate core assumptions about transitional justice and archives and to critically examine the relationship between them. Records about conflict and dictatorship are like records in general never only a reflection of realities, but they constitute these realities. Following…

Interested in our User Experience Designer position at Stanford Libraries? Read more about what you’ll be working on, the team on which this sits, and our work. Apply by October 31 for earliest consideration. Contact me if you have any questions. (

Today's harvest: Beefsteak fungus (Fistulina hepatica)
This thing has many names. In German it's also called "Leberreischling", "Leberpilz" or "Ochsenzunge" (ox tongue).

🔖 Yolanda Rankin, Jakita Thomas, and Nicole Joseph, "Intersectionality in HCI: Lost In Translation" –

> So how should researchers operationalize intersectionality in the context of HCI? Start by asking a series of questions: Are you thinking about everyone as you design this tool? Who is at the table to inform decisions about how this technology will be designed and for whom? Do the key stakeholders, intended users, and communities in which the technology is being…

🔖 Eugenia Zuroski, "Holding Patterns: On Academic Knowledge and Labor" –

> We know academic institutions have great desire and need for what we have to offer. We feel it in being incessantly called upon to give of ourselves. We want to contribute our expertise in ways that feel just, supported, acknowledged, duly compensated. Right now, we feel like it is taken from us, that we are a resource being mined. You frequently tell us you welcome our voice, but we do not…

Created a new Homebrew tap, anarchivist/homebrew-hamradio, for installing ham radio packages. FYI: Building Direwolf on macOS is much easier on the dev branch. (

logging on for friday night radio club meeting for presentation from W6BSD

also absolutely wild to me that there's APRS symbols for Taco Bell

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I’m still in awe that I actually got transmitting and receiving APRS to work, but it’s cool to see decentralized service discovery in action. (

I have a half written blog post about the coopting of listening by management, and this is such a good example of this kind of nonsense in action. It tells you that management thinks listening is actually a form of ceding power, instead of actually ceding any kind of decision-making authority

To be honest, I ain't steamed about the Passenger Pigeon Manifesto because:

1) this is not a bold, provocative, or radical statement for people in the GLAM sector
2) some named signatories clearly knew what they were signing bc they knew 1)
3) I am emotionally exhausted

Advocating for structural funding for core services? Really hard, in an era of "market logic of neoliberalism" (PPM's words).

Making a statement rhapsodizing about extinction, climate change, and invoking Santayana is easier

thinking about breadcrumb trails and service discovery as I muck about with aprs

i learned the German word for "ham [radio operator]" is "Funkamateur", and i'd say that describes me in multiple languages at once

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