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🔖 This Is Peru. We Can't Breathe. –

> The regime simply cannot bring itself to understand why or how this is happening — as representatives of old-school ways of doing politics, they keep looking for responsibility across political parties and groups, and they keep chasing shadows and denouncing some non-existent left-wing conspiracy of some sort. But the protests are already completely somewhere else: they’re self-organizing through social networks like Twitter…

an important report has just been published by my friend emmi: The Decentralized Web of Hate

"Fascists (and other bad actors) are [...] hosting manifestos resiliently, raising money anonymously, communicating securely to organize attacks, sharing weapons plans, and networking to build out their numbers."

"We cannot abandon p2p technology but we also can't ignore the risks. The only way out is through."


blown away by the magic that is digitalocean yet again

On authors who were publishing information technology panopticon concerns in the 1980s, or earlier

A quickie dump.

Paul Baran / RAND

"On the Engineer's Responsibility in Protecting Privacy"
"On the Future Computer Era: Modification of the American Character and the Role of the Engineer, or, A Little Caution in the Haste to Number"
"The Coming Computer Utility -- Laissez-Faire, Licensing, or Regulation?"
"Remarks on the Question of Privacy Raised by the Automation of Mental Health Records"
"Some Caveats on the Contribution of Technology to Law Enforcement"

Largely written/published 1967--1969.

Willis Ware / RAND

Too numerous to list fully, 1960s --1990s. Highlights:

"Security and Privacy in Computer Systems" (1967)
"Computers in Society's Future" (1971)
"Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens" (1973
"Privacy and Security Issues in Information Systems" (1976)
"Information Systems, Security, and Privacy" (1983)
"The new faces of privacy" (1993)


Shoshana Zuboff, In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power (1988) Notably reviewed in the Whole Earth Catalog's Signal: Communication Tools for the Information Age (1988).

"Danger to Civil Rights?", 80 Microcomputing (1982) (

"Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy", NTIS (September 1981)

"23 to Study Computer ‘Threat’" (1970)

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Privacy and Information Technology" bibliography is largely 1990--present, but contains some earlier references.

Similarly "Privacy"

Credit Reporting / Legislation

US Privacy Act of 1974

Invasion of Privacy Act 1971 - Queensland Government, Australia

Arthur R. Miller, The assault on privacy: computers, data banks, and dossiers

"The Computer, the Consumer and Privacy" (1984)

Richard Boeth / Newsweek

The specific item I'd had in mind:

Richard Boeth, "Is Privacy Dead", Newsweek, July 27, 1970

Direct PDF:

Based on an HN comment:

#privacy #surveillance #panopticon #PaulBaran #WillisWare #RAND #ShoshanaZuboff #RichardBoeth #CreditReporting

I am absolutely floored by the Ethical Web and Consentful Communications panels at #w3cTPAC. I hope the recordings are easily available cos there are so many people I want to share these with. Visions of hope for a better Web!

🔖 Rodrigo Ochigame, "Informatics of the Oppressed" –

> [F]rom the very beginnings of informatics—the science of information—as an institutionalized field in the 1960s, anti-capitalists have tried to imagine less oppressive, perhaps even liberatory, ways of indexing and searching information. Two Latin American social movements in particular—Cuban socialism and liberation theology—inspired experiments with different approaches to informatics from the 1960s to the…


Tavuk köfte. Added some roasted peppers and chard to increase the veg.

Starting to have some illformed thoughts about decentralization and . Somewhat unsurprised to see folks who are also hams but still a little excited to see that.

Also, really interested to think about how to have "political" conversations about the hobby in one that focuses on 'tolerance' and avoiding 'impolite topics' on air.


Before this totally awesome ham radio chat I made refried beans with these beautiful ayocote mirador beans, and had them on scrambled egg tacos with avocado and homemade curtido

🔖 Skills for Revolutionary Survival: 5. Communications Equipment for Rebels –

> Face the facts. We are tied to our devices in ways that are incredibly useful for organizing, but that also expose us to isolation should the state and companies take away these technologies. Cell phones and the internet rely on corporate infrastructure and is subject to both government surveillance and service denial. What do we do when social media bans anti-capitalists and…

🔖 Step Inside The Museum of Obsolete Library Science –

It takes a special kind of confidence to call your company Innovative Interfaces, especially when your innovation seems to be to just take a regular keyboard and make a bunch of the keys not do anything. (

food, mh 

work/​​:nonbinary_flag:​ anxiety is leading to stress baking. made chocolate chip cookies with muesli and 100% brown sugar. would recommend.

🔖 WR: Mysteries of the Organism—Beyond the Liberation of Desire –

> On the occasion of the birthday of Yugoslavian director Dušan Makavejev, who passed away last year, we explore what his classic 1971 film _WR: Mysteries of the Organism_ has to offer today’s struggles against nationalism, fascism, and dogmatism. (

🔖 Kelly Pendergrast, "Disassembly Required" –

> Instead, what would it look like relate to today’s machines as the 19th century weavers did, and make decisions about technology in the present? To look past the false promise of the future, and straight at what the robot embodies now, who it serves, and how it works for or against us. (

Last night’s AX.25 failures turned into success! I followed K1CHN’s second post on using the TH-D74A’s TNC over Bluetooth, and successfully made my first connection to a packet BBS, N6ZX-4 on Kings Mountain.

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