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🔖 An Interview with Robin Wall Kimmerer - Believer Magazine –

> Mosses are so very permeable. I think about them in contrast to higher plants, which have barriers and boundaries, waxy leaves and so forth, trying to keep the inside in and the outside out. But mosses don’t have that capacity and therefore they’re really intimate with their environment. And that means there is a relinquishment of control. When moss dries out, it dries out. But that’s not the end of the…

Slowly starting to layout the pages of the Fantômes zine and draw some page borders, I'm still taking submissions until Jan 31st if any of you is interested :)

🔖 Thou Make Us a Hardcore Mixtape | self-titled –

> Bryan Funck had a better idea: How about a mixtape of crucial hardcore music instead, complete with liner notes and a two-side ‘tape’ entitled If You Don’t Like This Music, We Can’t Be Friends? We got our start in Buffalo’s sXe scene during the ’90s, so the answer was simple: Well, yeah. (

🔖 We’re All Preppers Now | Live Like the World is Dying –

> I used to feel the relationship between individual and community preparedness as a tension: I was one of the only people I knew who focused on prepping before Covid, and I wondered what the point of it was. I don’t believe in individualist survival, so what good is it if I, and only I, have a gas mask or a few months of dried food lying around? Then, come Covid, I learned what the point is. The point of…

losing power is a reminder that i should get a laptop with better battery life

decided that the best time to work on a new EP is between Christmas and New Years so here we are. enjoy the preview, Capricorns.


When you have leftover béchamel you might as well make a pot pie.

Went on a four mile walk today on the Seward Park Loop to get out of the house with adequate distance from other people. Looks like the blackberries are coming in nicely.

Lots of blackberry bushes, thriving amidst patches of poison oak. (


well, I guess we own a house now, in the eyes of the King County Recorder's Office.

GUYS, is it gay to maintain? You're basically keeping in an existing state 😔

currently in awe of notorial process, even as much as I hate diplomatics

here's another really REALLY COOL historical #cookbook specifically for #chinese chefs -

"Chinese and English cook book =[Hua Ying zi chu shu]. San Francisco, Calif., U.S.A. : Chong Jan & Co., 1913"

this one is really cool because there's an extensive section of kind of explaining staples a cook would find in a SanFran grocery store of 1913, in both english and chinese.

all recipes i can see are western, but again in both english and chinese. a very cool little book - i'm sure their exact market was new immigrants arriving to America, trying to figure out this totally different type of cuisine, and going "what the FUCK is a blanc-mange". from the cover and how it describes itself, i'm going to guess on top of that, this book's audience was not for the more """"lower-class"""" day-to-day stuff where chinese home cooking was standard - but for if you found yourself moving up in the world and realizing "oh shit, the boss is coming to dinner next tuesday, we need to pretend to be as western as possible in order to get a raise" LOL. and i'm going to guess the aspirational nature of the recipes, coupled with the very practical advice, meant it was terrific advertising for Chong Jan & Co. (whatever they sold or did.)

my favourite section is probably the "how to do various things", where it's explained how to do things that most western cooks of the time would have already known (probably learned from their moms or the like). it's stuff that sometimes doesn't get written down so much because it's assumed everyone already knows how to do it. so whenever i see sections like this in books, i get really excited! it saves culinary techniques from "punt syndrome". the kingdom of Punt was a neighbor to ancient Egypt, but we know relatively little about it because everyone in ancient Egypt was like "oh it's Punt, everyone knows those guys!" so nobody wrote down actually what Punt was like!! sections like this mean we actually have an answer to questions like "but how would they have done this?" when a lot of other period cookbooks just have it assumed.

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just pulled up a bunch of cosmos, and emptied a planter box of all its soil, just as another step in preparing for the move

gross body stuff 

so relieved that the giant scab on my upper lip finally fell off. i cut myself shaving four days ago, and i thought it would never stop bleeding.

In a weird state for creative projects given an impending move (I’ve packed up nearly all of my physical music gear, for instance), but it’s given me the opportunity to start messing around with VCV Rack. Treating this as an exercise in constraint rather than frustration. (

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