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Does anyone know of other projects like CollapseOS and that are developing systems for futures where current (network) infrastructures have stopped functioning?

thankless work like documenting a resourcesync implementation that almost definitely no one has used

experimenting with @edsu’s etudier to visualize some citation networks of vanity searches in Google Scholar.

This citation network is for the AIMS project’s final report. (

🔖 Foreign Objects X Eliza Collin X Genie Kausto An Introduction to the Bell System (2021) –

Still amazed by these jumpsuits from the Foreign Objects piece for Further Experiments in Arts and Technology.

> In An Introduction to the Bell System, we have made 5 embroidered jumpsuits exploring the history and working culture of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, between 1970-90. Though famous for the success of the Unix operating system and…

Liebe Menschen auf, liebe interessierte Außenstehende: von uns auch noch mal ein Statement in der Sache mit und uns.

Vorab: Wir bleiben bei der Entscheidung des Instanzblocks, den wir am 21.03. auslösen werden. Wir möchten aber gerne ein paar Dinge klarstellen und begründen, die in den letzten Tagen schief liefen oder nicht klar wurden:

🔖 Embracing radical prioritization –

Great post from Michael Della Bitta, DPLA’s Director of Technology:

> If the team takes on too many tasks, there’s a risk of not making tangible progress on any of them, leaving the organization no further along than when we started. So there needs to be a concerted accounting of what work is potentially on the table, and a process to scope, prioritize, and ultimately reduce the work to a finite and achievable set of tasks. …

🔖 Raw Signal Group: Can you talk about why everyone is quitting? –

> Back in the spring, we told you that every organization had a moment in front of them. A moment to decide what kind of pandemic employer they were going to be. Everything was on the table. And organizations made some wildly different choices. Choices they are still living with, a year on.
> This is a moment again. And this time the question is how you want to meet your team as they come out of all…

current status: making Hugo barf out G**gle Scholar compliant metadata

as it turns out, owning a turkey baster is critical to surviving the current snowstorm in seattle.

friday night in seattle: snow, pags, and vcv rack

🔖 Facilitating Retrospective in the Prison –

> Remember the good old check-in activity for retrospectives called ESVP – Explorer, Shopper, Vacationer, Prisoner? I couldn’t imagine that “Prisoner” would become so literal for me - until I found myself in a real prison facilitating a Retrospective for a group of my cellmates, political prisoners. This article describes some lessons that I learned from this unusual experience. (


decided to make some brownies. used a tablet of fancy chocolate, nice cinnamon and a pinch of chile

thinking about working on a risograph project but feeling severely intimidated. any suggestions? might be mostly text and simple graphics

as in, i get the impulse to use open platforms, simple tools, etc - but it feels like "hand-crafted" is doing a lot of work in obfuscating tool choice and development.

in some cases people are definitely making their own static site generators/cmses, but a it of us are not

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seeing a lot of talk on the fediverse, maybe just because of following folks on merveilles, about "hand-crafted [web] sites" - and i really wonder what that means

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