So the articles headline suggests that "Facebook and Google" should be regulated.. probably because they are too big, too data hungry, yadayada.. The moment I try to read the article I see the below…

I have no words. Yes they must be regulated but perhaps you should stop using / demaning their scripts first. The users and publishers are those that empowered them by consuming their crap...

@andi you imply that the person who wrote that article has any control over what javascript the website embeds, which I don't think to be the case.

@uint8_t Well the author probably doesn't and also doesn't know that his articles is also helping in feeding data to those giants.

I do not blame the authors.. It is just very ironic so see this kind of thing.

How do we expect to ever break free if even those reporting on issues are participate in feeding them more data?

@andi it's a news site, it's probably just copy-pasted anyway:blobawkward:
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