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Ich weiß, ihr würdet ein oder empfehlen.
Kommt fΓΌr mich aktuell nicht in Frage.

Daher meine Frage, ob ich mir damit einen Gefallen tue oder mein kaputt mache.

Kann das weg?
(inklusive "Service") Apps @kuketzblog​

through the magic of acetone, we have managed to accidentally completely remove the WPS pushbutton from this wifi transceiver, leaving behind only a smooth plastic surface where it once was.

Firefox is going to ship with DNS over HTTPS (DoH) by default soon. They're partnering with Cloudflare to get achieve this and it will ignore whatever you have configured locally, even your hosts file. They do have some specs available for how your DNS service can be listed as compatible but it will still use Cloudflare by default.

It may be time for me to start looking at some of the more private derivatives of Firefox. It's sad to see a project dedicated to privacy ruin that with crappy defaults πŸ˜•

#DoH #PrivacyByDefault #Mozilla #Firefox #DNS #Privacy #Security #Cloudflare #FuckCloudflare

I have hundreds of gigabytes of mostly unorganized photos, and I would like to turn that into a nice catalog. hive mind, what can you recommend? Requirements: should run on Linux, must have an open database format at least, but preferred are fully open-source solutions.

⚠️Security Announcement ⚠️

If you run an instance with federation enabled, please make sure you are running version v0.8.4 (released 2 weeks ago) or newer.

If you are running an older version than 0.8.4, we recommend updating ASAP.

More details will be released in a few days.


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