The next version of will only depend on tracking / browser Fingerprinting:

With a browser which blocks tracking, you will get a low score and no access to the services protected with this captcha.

I did not manage to meet the score threshold even with a fresh firefox profile, probably due to a VPN IP address.
Or because I did not visit enough google services with this profile before testing ...

Test it yourself:

Test 1 [passed]: normal chromium without vpn -> 0.9
Test2 [passed]: chromium in private window -> 0.7

@allo Test 3 [passed]: normal chromium with nordvpn -> 0.9
Test 4 [failed]: chromium in private window with nordvpn -> 0.3

Nordvpn + Firefox mobile (few extensions): 0.3
Mullvad + fresh desktop Firefox: 0.1
Both do not pass.


@allo I will write a blog post about this shit with tests on different system, etc. Can I use your data, too?

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