Gibt's nen vernünftigen Ersatz für linux? Oder übersehe ich die linux version?

@anghenfil If you are used to DAWs, then Ardour is quite capable - yet just a DAW, and thus not as streamlined towards Podcast production as Ultraschall is.

@vampirdaddy I did check ardour out, but seems like the configuration with 2 soundcards (usb microphone) requires jack which is very difficult. Don't want to waste too much time to get jack + ardour running

@anghenfil Jack is not the problem - two non-synchronized digital soundcards are. Thus Jack in default configuration only works with one single interface to avoid this headache.
As USB microphones do not have a wordclock synchronization (if at all then only pro-level soundcards have, usually none below several hundred bucks), it will be practically impossible for you to run that setup without hassle anywhere.

@anghenfil Gibts auch für Linux bzw. kenne es nur unter Linux.

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