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under is highly inefficient😏
Everyone are in a race to reach first..
Instead if everyone cooperated and shared their findings, we need to less and waste less resources by avoiding doing the same thing somebody else is doing at the same time..

I can go a longer holiday then 😊

#introduction, #introductions
I am a #researcher, #Malayali...I will toot mostly on #libertariansocialism , #municipalism, #SocialEcology, #science, #FOSS, #FreeSoftware and happy stuff 😊. May also #shitpost 😜
Mostly passive and listening rather than tooting..Happy to help. I am not a fan of anyone, not even #Bookchin πŸ˜‰


@Deepsealioness @fribbledom Please give some boost πŸ™πŸ½
Me to my friends who resist change and say that we can't avoid Bird site or Facebook :

β€œThe assumption that what currently exists must necessarily exist is the acid that corrodes all visionary thinking.”
― Murray #Bookchin


Btw I use XMPP

Yes, I use XMPP now as my main communication platform next to e-mail (which you can either encrypt by using PGP with fingerprint 8A31 8CA0 1EA7 B381 or Tutanota) and this is fine for a couple of reasons.

Are we all waiting for a catastrophe to bring us all together to end ?
Why are we so short sighted..Society in fact seems a good reflection of me..Like I don't start to work on my project until the day before the deadline. We are so modulated by THE SYSTEM that I am losing the power to think and act without being instructed.

I made this picture for the event that is currently active on my comic site.

Read more:

It's the 4th birthday of my comic so and I decided to organize something that rewards FREE ART :hellcephira_kiss: πŸŽ‰

You can get a free character portrait of your choice when you complete the event activity and everybody is welcome to join!

#webcomic #art #birthday #anniversary #comic #event

Do people still make forum boards for their comics? When I was 15 I seen all the cool comics have one, but that was 10 years ago so I'm not sure if it's still a thing πŸ€”

Hi friends...:)
I am a #researcher.
At present working on developing new #solar cell materials.

I am fed up with the way #research is being done in a #capitalist society coz it is highly inefficient and also exploitative. #anarchism could be a possible way out.

My recent goals include finishing my thesis and also forming a #solar energy researchers #coop and dismantle the hierarchies in research field. But i have no idea how to begin with..

I am probably an #aspie, #demisexual and not so good at socializing.
I dislike insults and sarcasm.
and likes love and solidarity..

#solarpunk #introductions #introduction

You know what? I did it! I was so excited that I finally decided to go over some of my paintings I didn't like any more with markers I couldn't wait, so I went in! And now I LOOOOOVE them! I love them so much, I have to show you a sneek peek immediately! #mastoart #fineart #urbanabstraction
Thoughts are very welcome! ❀️

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installing Pure OS in my new laptop..(actually second hand one) :)

my laptop is dying..
Can anyone suggest the best laptop ( like between $ 800 to $1000 or preferably cheaper) which is very compatible with ..
It would be good if it works well without many drivers.
i plan to do some basic computing, possibly use , and need at least 14 inch display and an SSD.

I really don't like the fact that the impact factor of i am publishing in determines the quality of my .

Don't forget, you can chalk this almost anywhere in public. No one will stop you, and it raises attention, and makes it more likely the kids will join in, more likely everyone will join in. #extinctionrebellion

romance (+) θ‹± 

It's valentine's day, and there's nothing more romantic than radical solidarity~~

meta, worries 

It's both disheartening and amazing seeing how people with rent problems, depression, etc. turn out to be the ones who are writing the decentralized platforms of the future.

It gives me hope in humanity, but at the same time this revolution is struggling against the tidal forces of capitalism.

Many of these new projects depend on a single person each, and that's terrifying. :blobnervous:

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