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under is highly inefficient😏
Everyone are in a race to reach first..
Instead if everyone cooperated and shared their findings, we need to less and waste less resources by avoiding doing the same thing somebody else is doing at the same time..

I can go a longer holiday then 😊

my laptop is dying..
Can anyone suggest the best laptop ( like between $ 800 to $1000 or preferably cheaper) which is very compatible with ..
It would be good if it works well without many drivers.
i plan to do some basic computing, possibly use , and need at least 14 inch display and an SSD.

I really don't like the fact that the impact factor of i am publishing in determines the quality of my .

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i wish a bunch of us could just start a #solarpunk town.

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Don't forget, you can chalk this almost anywhere in public. No one will stop you, and it raises attention, and makes it more likely the kids will join in, more likely everyone will join in. #extinctionrebellion

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i feel the need to do an #introduction again because it's been a while since i was around on this account

i'm bee, a spaniard whose life is currently dominated by the rise of fascism. i'm sad, and i'm scared, and i came here to find community in the face of adversity.

i am interested in #infosec, #homestuck, #solarpunk, #lgbt matters and #anarchism. i also practice #witchcraft and consider myself an eclectic pagan.

:heart_bi: :heart_ace: :heart_nb:

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romance (+) 英 Show more

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Hello, I am Sno and currently live in Norway. You may use any pronouns. I am demisexual and probably have alexithymia.

I draw, I cry, I drink, I watch anime and repeat!

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meta, worries Show more

Even though I loved science, I hated doing the way it is being done now..I was kinda of stressed and in a dilemma..Thanks and all my friends here..Now i know the way to go..:)

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Hey, folks, you may have noticed that I just put up a new profile pic. I love making designs for people, so if you want me to design one for you or something else, feel free to ask.

These are relatively easy, and while I will take a small money for them if you feel led, don't feel you can't ask if you can't pay. These come easy to me, like I said, and I'm in a semi-stable place financially. I can do posters as well.

Payments can either be through Paypal or a low-energy crypto like NANO or ADA. I'm pretty flexible, though, so chat with me through DMs if you wanna barter.


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The #solarpunk hashtag unifies the toots of people going beyond the doom. Sharing the practical, equal, local and achievable. Discussing the empowering changes we need to pursue. Keep showing the way!

Need a for researchers..need to teach the bourgeoisie a lesson😏..that science can be more .

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A people's history of the world by Chris Harman is a very good .
form an alternative angle.

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hi im making my introduction again since im a whole new person

im Fanfi, a lesbian artist from south america. i studied visual arts, focused on Painting, and im very into mixing what i learned w/ the illustration medium.

i love drawing queer, fantasy, experimental things and ocs, sometimes all of the above! i comment a lot and will always reply back 💕

all of my ocs have at least (1) joke bc thats what ace attorney taught me.

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I am a person, animal or lamp hailing from somewhere on this earth. I struggle with #anxiety, #depression and very #lowselfesteem for a living and I am currently trying to explore politically radical approaches to #mentalhealth.

#feminism, #marxism, #socialism, #mentalhealth, #radicalmentalhealth, #anxiety, #neurodiversity, #darkwave, #postpunk, #luddism, #fediverse, #biopolitics

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Hello Mabinon here,

I love #cooperation, #feminism and #socialism. Studying computer science while working as a teller. Live near-ish to Seattle WA.
I prefer tea to coffee ( I know).

Well this has been my #introduction

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Open question do you know of anyone who streams themselves doing academic research?

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#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

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