@joris No, not really. The actually integrated this into the "brew" command.

@joris no, you have to fork and PR to Homebrew on GitHub. But I could write a small instruction page.

@apfohl kore 3.2.2 is out - if you have time could you update homebrew recipe?

Happy to announce ComaWM 1.0 - coma.one/wm/ - my small x11 window manager made just for me.

@joris Finally, Kore 3.1.0 is now in Homebrew. 🎉🍾

ℹ️ Kurze Durchsage: @FRITZde stellt seinen Programmplan um. Ab sofort sendet das Chaosradio jeden letzten Montag im Monat – wie gehabt abwechselnd bei Fritz und aus dem CCCB. Die nächste Episode kommt bereits kommenden Montag am 27. August. 🎧

@joris I referenced you in an issue on GitHub, can you have a look at it?

@joris What IDE/Editor are you using to develop Kore?

@joris Ah, that’s why it’s telling me, that there is no kodev...

@joris PGSQL is actually in the formula. But that sounds good. Was kodev also available in Kore 2?

@joris I’m working on updating the Kore formula in Homebrew. What is your preferred build configuration?

@joris, wow you moved development of Kore to a mailing list. That’s bold. Is this because MS GitHub?

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