@joris Finally, Kore 3.1.0 is now in Homebrew. 🎉🍾

ℹ️ Kurze Durchsage: @FRITZde stellt seinen Programmplan um. Ab sofort sendet das Chaosradio jeden letzten Montag im Monat – wie gehabt abwechselnd bei Fritz und aus dem CCCB. Die nächste Episode kommt bereits kommenden Montag am 27. August. 🎧

@joris I referenced you in an issue on GitHub, can you have a look at it?

@joris What IDE/Editor are you using to develop Kore?

@joris Ah, that’s why it’s telling me, that there is no kodev...

@joris PGSQL is actually in the formula. But that sounds good. Was kodev also available in Kore 2?

@joris I’m working on updating the Kore formula in Homebrew. What is your preferred build configuration?

@joris, wow you moved development of Kore to a mailing list. That’s bold. Is this because MS GitHub?

@joris, hi, nice to have you here as well. Sure, I can update the formula. 3.0, wow. It’s been a while since a have taken a look into Kore. Congratulations for the ongoing progress.

OpenSCAD simulation of a model.
Not exactly what I wanted because of wrong scaling. Looks nice anyway.

@aslmx Da wir SCRUM machen, ist es ein Daily pro Tag von 15 Minuten, Ein Backlog Refinement (1h) und ein Detail Planning (1h) pro Woche, ein Review Rehearsal (1h) und ein Kunden-Review (3h) pro Sprint. Geht eigentlich.

@aslmx The compiler will be written in C and compiles the self defined language to an x86_64 binary. So the reader needs to know a little bit about C, pointers and simple data structures like lists.

I'm planning to write a nice little series of posts about building a compiler including the design of a simple language. Anyone interested in this topic?

I've just updates chaos.social to mastodon version v2.4.1. You could find the release notes with new features like a delete & redraft function for toots here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

If you're running a #mastodon instance and it has more than just your personal toots housed on it -- you are responsible for the safety and longevity of that data. People are investing time and effort into communication on your platform. You owe it to them to keep regular off-site backups, and learning how to run this bloody thing so it doesn't explode on you one day and leave you saying: "why did docker delete my database", or " my vps provider shut me down, and I've lost all my user data".

@davidpgil@mastodon.social As far as I can see does not have a app. But the notifications are nice though. Thanks.

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