Recently, I found so many cool projects are written by Erlang, like Pleroma, ejabberd, Plausible. I'm considering to learn Erlang as my first functional programming language. Is there anyone has experience with Erlang?



@wancat Been using it for a while and have no regrets. Made me a better programmer and paved the way towards building better systems. I tend to miss features on other langs and so far I haven't seen a runtime that offers proper concurrency and location transparency. It depends on your needs, but nothing beats the BEAM when you need to tackle complexity at scale.

It has a rich ecosystem and lately you can use different frontends (, , , , , , )

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@wancat That being said, I'm looking for alternatives at the moment for my personal stuff because I've also have "meh" moments with it.

@arpunk Happy to hear that! Thank you for sharing!

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