Coming up next week is hosting panels with, among others, @shoshanazuboff, author of "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism", and @BradSmi, president of @microsoft and author of "Tools and Weapons". Much to look forward to! @rightscon @accessnow

This books offers a solid conceptual bridge between human learning and formal (incl. automated) learning. 5/5, would read the next edition.

This comic by Sydney Padua does such a great job at capturing the nature of core elements of programming and mathematical work! (here: debugging and software testing)‬ ‪

For recent graduates and students looking for their first job, if you happen to speak Polish, check out Róża's webinars on topics related to IT recruitment at Jak Zostać Skutecznym Rekruterem IT and her podcast Ludzie z pracy.

Please feel free to keep in touch with me if you would like to discuss any issues mentioned during the workshop.

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Together with Róża Szafranek from Ludzie z pracy and Elena Lvova from McKinsey & Company we facilitated a series of mini-workshops to help students combine their interest in philosophy with opportunities for employment in non-academic sectors.

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Many thanks to all 450 participants of today's Let's phi online conference, and to Konrad Urban and Kim Kopec for initiating and organising it. I also want to thank Knit - The Group Video Call for making this conference possible and Orest Tarasiuk for tech support throughout the event.

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 11, 2020) at 4:00 BST we are organising a series of free online mini-workshops about non-academic opportunities for graduates.

5/ And shockingly, with the vote distribution being what it is now (50/50), these strategies are likely to just do the trick for the Law and Justice party.

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4/ This is one of the multiple strategies used (again!) by the ruling Law and Justice party to open the possibility of skewing the election results to the advantage of their candidate and current incumbent.

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3/ Today I delivered my ballot (and the signed declaration of "anonymity"...) to the consulate to cast my vote in Brussels. No electoral committee or safe voting procedure were involved. I simply had to leave my ballot with anyone who happened to open the door.

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2/ Inside the package is a declaration of having voted anonymously, which you have to sign, providing your name and national identification number. Both documents are delivered jointly, making the ballot de facto not anonymous.

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1/ A tl,dr story of the voting process for this election is this: you get a voting package or not and must complete a mission to deliver it to the committee somehow.

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"Becoming a More Equitable Educator: Mindsets and Practices" is a free online intro to making your classroom (academic or not) more welcoming to students from diverse backgrounds. Many thanks to EdX and MITx for offering free certification, too! 🎏

Would someone please dissect this paper on bees' arithmetical abilities with me? Is the experimental apparatus biased in that it does not differentiate between tasks such as [add 1] and [pick larger quantity], etc.?
PS. This study is great anyway. 🐝🐝🐝❤️

In Poland Law and Justice is using the pandemic to run an unconstitutional Presidential Election next Sunday. Within a single term they deprived our country of the status of full democracy. Turn your eyes on Poland, don't let the imposters steal the election.

I am reading what is likely the most relevant book of 2019, that is “The Age of ” by S. Zuboff. Is there anyone who would like to read along and have an online discussion about it some time soon?

I would like credit this accomplishment to SNCB for making my 30km commute to work last the average of 2.5hrs both ways this year.

My first ever skype-talk is coming up next Thursday. Together with Olga Poller we will give an introduction to the CPC, that is, Complex Predicate Calculus for Databases.

Bayesianism strikes back on December 18, 2019. Come to our seminar at UCLouvain for Isabelle Drouet's talk about evidential reasoning and credibility. More details here:

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