Today at Applied Mathematics Seminar at the Jagiellonian University, Daria Boratyn talks about her joint work with Dariusz Stolicki & Wojciech Słomczyński on spoilers in presidential election systems: non-top candidates whose presence affects the outcome.

Niclas Boehmer from TUBerlin presented some fascinating computational hardness results on election fraud during today’s seminar in applied mathematics at the Jagiellonian University

This *amazing* of just dropped in @katycns's talk & I am *smitten*. Data visualization can be so beautiful! And how genre-appropriate!

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From among the socials I’ve used so far, has demonstrated what is probably the strongest initial commitment to , & -related content. This event could just as well be hosted by @pencelab at UCLouvain. Anyone here is on the app? Any opinions?

Finally, pop culture contains a superhero worth my cosplay. 🔥 Bernie Sanders ftw!

And since during the pandemic, academia was forced into ERT, our assessment of O&DL became negative by association.

Hodges et al.* claim that:

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At Lunchtime Ethical Forum @francoisedocq compared Online & Distance Learning (O&DL) Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT). While ODL may boost productivity in higher education & possibly introduce more equity, improve learning outcomes & flexibility, ERT impairs these parameters.

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Citizens of Poland need immediate & meaningful actions from the EU, especially the @EU_Commission. Economic measures are the only way to pressure the government who ignores the rule of law & declared war on its citizens. There is no place for totalitarianism in Europe.

Meanwhile, we started a small revolution in Poland. The police seem to be with us, so from Wednesday on there will be plenty of military in the streets.

This comic by Sydney Padua does such a great job at capturing the nature of core elements of programming and mathematical work! (here: debugging and software testing)‬ ‪

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 11, 2020) at 4:00 BST we are organising a series of free online mini-workshops about non-academic opportunities for graduates.

5/ And shockingly, with the vote distribution being what it is now (50/50), these strategies are likely to just do the trick for the Law and Justice party.

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4/ This is one of the multiple strategies used (again!) by the ruling Law and Justice party to open the possibility of skewing the election results to the advantage of their candidate and current incumbent.

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3/ Today I delivered my ballot (and the signed declaration of "anonymity"...) to the consulate to cast my vote in Brussels. No electoral committee or safe voting procedure were involved. I simply had to leave my ballot with anyone who happened to open the door.

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2/ Inside the package is a declaration of having voted anonymously, which you have to sign, providing your name and national identification number. Both documents are delivered jointly, making the ballot de facto not anonymous.

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1/ A tl,dr story of the voting process for this election is this: you get a voting package or not and must complete a mission to deliver it to the committee somehow.

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Hong Kong journalist Gwyneth Ho talks about the media misinformation about the at the Hong Kong information session at @KU_Leuven

Come to our information session on Hong Kong and learn how Europeans can help support the citizens’ rights movement. Next Tuesday (26 Nov) at 21:00 in Auditorium Max Weber, Leuven.

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