I'm sad I have to say this... but one should always test their stuff on Windows... as early as possible... 😐

Recently found some treasure in my cabinet 😁

An osmocom SimTrace!

And though the software doesn't seem to be supported for many years, I still could get it running. Apparently no spare UE at hand, but a great opportunity to play around with pySim shell and do some "analysis"...

Doesn't help me with anything right now, but it's good to know it is still working after 9 or so years...

Thanks to @LaF0rge and team for providing all this awesome open source software!

Knowing basic (lists, dictionaries, CSV reading) and some stackoverflow-copy-pasta skills, I could write a script that checks the validity of data. Took me a bit more than an hour. If I estimate 5 seconds for each data set it would have taken me 6 hours to check manually. And that was a optimistic estimate, could as well be double or triple the time. And now I even get a nice kind of report.

Knowing scripting basics is worth so much 😊

An Option to Export/Import (account) settings would be very handy to have.... In @Tusky

If you're interested in making your own instant messaging server, I would recommend following @snikket_im

They are trying to make XMPP messenger servers easier for ordinary people to use and host. It's not quite ready yet, but they are in mass beta testing and should launch soon 🤞

XMPP is a good decentralised alternative to Whatsapp etc so it would be brilliant if it can be made accessible to everyone.

More info at snikket.org

#XMPP #Jabber #Whatsapp #Alternatives #GrowYourOwn



ForwardX11 yes

is the equivalent of "ssh -X ..."

Might save the one or the other grey hair when running wireshark via X11 on a remote host...

TIL: es gibt Einhell 18V Power-X-Change zu 5V USB Adapter... Leider kein Power Delivery... Aber wäre ne Möglichkeit seine Rasenmäher Kapazität im Notfall in eine Powerbank zu wandeln 😁


Heute in besucht.

Auf der einen Seite sehr interessant die viele Exponate zu sehen. Auf der anderen Seite ist das ein schlecht klimatisiertes Zelt und die Sonne knallte da bei dem super Wetter Heute stark drauf. Also empfehlenswert, aber vielleicht nicht bei so einem Wetter 😁
Besucherzahl war gerade noch erträglich, ungewohnt unter so vielen Menschen zu sein und ständig warten zu müssen das jemand Platz macht.

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

When using on Android, it sometimes feels like we are devolving into a single task operating system again 😐
At least once a day, when switching between Firefox and other Apps, when switching back to FF, it will bluntly reload the open tab. This causes me to loose data.
Sure this is some kind of memory housekeeping, but it is pretty annoying and costs me a lot of time, e.g. retyping forms or restarting almost finished Duolingo lessons.

It must be possible to improve this somehow 🤔


Deutsche Bahn, Köln nach Stuttgart, 2 Personen Super Flex.... 800€

Köln nach Stuttgart mit dem Taxi 750€


Warum ist Flex so teuer 🤔

Being able to sit on the balcony and enjoying an afternoon without any chores in the sun...

Holiday / vacation feeling 😊

How i love I can upgrade Linux (Mint) from 20.2 to 20.3 within 5 minutes (of which more than half of the time is downloading), have one reboot and I'm up to date... so painless...

I don't care what content marketers or SEO people tell you, put a date on your articles. It matters.

@jackbaty SEO/marketing advice is usually what you should do the opposite of if you want to contribute to society

hey @leyrer!
Danke für deinen SSH Talk auf der GPN20. Den habe ich mir gestern mal angesehen.

Die letzte Frage an dich war, ob man das mit dem Jumphost irgendwie automatisieren kann. Es gab zwar schon einen Zwischenruf das es geht, aber ich hab mal kurz meine Lösung aufgeschrieben und zugänglich gemacht, für den Fall das die Frage noch nicht abschließend geklärt ist.

Ohne Garantie, aber works for me! 😀


Und ich dachte Böhmermann dreht im letzten Moment den Gutschein um und dann steht da irgendne andere Firma drauf 🤔

Friday 8:30 is backup time... I try to routinely do the manual backups from my smartphone. If only all Apps had automatic or scheduled backups....

I was about to rant about not being able to convert =dec2bin() with numbers greater than 511.

But apparently @LibreOfficeEs has just the same limitation.

Very sad...

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