24°C jetzt schon.. 😐 da will man doch im Keller bleiben....

TILA*: if you turn off dnsmasqs integrated DNS resolver with port=0 in dnsmasq.conf (because you run bind9 or so)... you better have dhcp-option=6,x.x.x.x set to an alternative DNS, otherwise your clients will not be happy...

*TIL A(gain)... for when you find out what you should have already known ;)

Kaffeepulver aus Tüte in den Behälter nachgefüllt ✔️

Messbecher voll mit Wasser gemacht ✔️

Messbecher in den Bonamat eingefüllt ✔️

Küche geputzt weil irgendein Trottel die Kaffeemaschine schon (vermutlich gestern noch) befüllt hat ohne Kaffee zu kochen ✔️

Always when I start watching a video and then give up on it, because the website decided to force a 30second unskippable ad on me, I wonder if somebody measures this and thinks "oh, that guy [and others] did not watch the video because an ad started and they even did not watch the ad - maybe we need to change something"

I guess not...

I had already given up on these guys. Looks like the new place suits them much better 🏡

Yay, my Firefox Certificate Pinning add-on has made it to beta status and is now available in the add-on store!

At last I no longer have to trust a gazillion certificate authorities to secure access to my servers at home :)



if you somehow >need< to use services that you rather not install the official app for and rather use their mobile site in a private tab, I recommend to have a look at


It lets me stay logged in and the comfort is better than a private tab.

Great to see that #CERN wants to become more independent and moves to #FreeSoftware. That's the right direction, but don't do it just for the costs, otherwise companies might trick you into the next vendor lock-in with just a lower price for proprietary software, Open Core or similar marketing tricks. home.cern/news/news/computing/ #MAlt

Shout out to @nextcloud
Thanks for Cloud Federation... really a nice feature 😀

Nice, runs the "Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt)" project to do more OpenSource in the future

Texteditor Glaubenskrieg? 

My new hobby: complaining to online shops that they shall support "+" in the local part of emails, just like RFC3696 suggests.

Windows rant 

No RSS feed, no long-term attention.

Ende vom Lied: klappt trotzdem alles nicht und ich weiche auf anderes Tool aus 🙄

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