Just rediscovered the excellent search function that offers. Particularly useful to search a place to eat. Of course it is just as good as the available data.

dear fediverse, does someone know a more ubiquitous tool like

slit (github.com/tigrawap/slit)


Slit (which is by the way very nice and something you should have a a look at) is a pager like less, but you can interactively add filters (intersect, union, exclude), also with RegEx.

less and most (i learned of most today, nice thing) seem to only support 1 filter at a time.

Reason I'm asking is that it is hard to ask the system guys to install something which doesn't come "pretty standard" 😐

TIL: content security restrictions prevent the nextcloud bookmark apps "add bookmark"-bookmarklet to function (e.g. on github.com).

@aslmx zweimal Scanpst.exe über das .ost file rüberlaufen lassen... der Neustart hat es dann zum Glück gebracht...

"Tool zum Reparieren des Posteingangs von Microsoft Outlook"

... here we go... 🙄

Thanks Thiago Mendes for your contributions to @fdroidorg f-droid.org/en/packages/tmende that really helps me to regularly be reminded to drink something and stay hydrated. It is quite tough for me to not forget about this...

bind '"' split-window -c "#{pane_current_path}"
bind % split-window -h -c "#{pane_current_path}"
bind c new-window -c "#{pane_current_path}"

Open new windows or panes in the current working directory. Very handy... Should be the default bindings imho.

Irgendwie hatte ich im Hinterkopf, dass ich noch ne Ersatz Tastatur für Notfälle hab 🤦🏻‍♂️

Gerade nen Schock erlitten, als nach dem Upgrade sowohl Kalender als auch Kontakte im webui leer waren 😮

War halt noch als admin eingeloggt 😌

In case you need to test your curl or whatever httpua script with error codes and quickly need a non 200 response: httpstat.us/

My DNS/DHCP server required some "bugfixing" lying on the floor seems to be too inviting... (dead animals) Show more

Andrdoid UI/UX rant Show more

TIL: Windows #Wireshark Show more

i really bother to manually copy over Gotify from my old server and manually changing the firewall configuration... and then i find out that there is a click-installable script to install Gotify...

Thank you @yunohost 😃

find . -name "*.jpg" -mtime -2 | feh -f - -d -S mtime -g 1200x800

find *.jpg in current folder that are less than two days old, show them with feh ("-f -" file list form stdin) display its filename (-d) sort them by modified (-S mtime) and show in fixed geometry mode not exceeding the given window size (-g 1200x800)

I really wish this existed: xkcd.com/806/

My ISP has scheduled a truck roll for an issue that I've clearly isolated as an internal BGP peering issue. The L1 support tech thanked me for the diagnostic information but politely refused to do anything with it.

And isn't it interesting that it's only affecting #IPv6 traffic?

AS11426 <-> AS7843 if anyone's interested.

Liebe Werbetreibenden, wenn ihr mir "persönliche" Einladungen in Form toter Bäume in den Briefkasten werfen lasst, dann schreibt doch bitte eine Anrede und meinen Namen auf das Anschreiben, sonst fühle ich mich leicht veräppelt und alles andere als gewillt überhaupt weiterzulesen.

La casa de papel Show more

Scheint als wäre das ein geduldeter und überfälliger Zustand... Kann unser Lieblings Datenschützer @ulrichkelber das vielleicht übernehmen?

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