Today鈥檚 a good time to leave Google鈥檚 spyware behind. Use Firefox or Safari.

after some cleaning up (of @haesbaert awa-ssh) for a more up-to-date opam packaged world, I started to work on a ssh client implementation... before I fell asleep it was ~150 lines of code and already doing RSA key authentifcation.. let's see whether it's easy enough to open some channels and communicate as well ;) #OCaml #MirageOS

Some kernel developers now have their blogs hosted on, which is a WriteFreely instance with ActivityPub syndication. For example, try out @gregkh.

See more here:

software, Nazis. 

It probably needs said again that the RPI is not an open product, is not designed for being hacked on itself, and is full of proprietary closed code. If you're use an rpi and think you're throwing up your middles to The Powers, you're not. You're funding Broadcom.

Mein Hobby ist, solche Metallpuzzle mit der Zange aufzubiegen, falsch zusammenbiegen und dann anderen zum L枚sen geben :D

nazis & hacker, rant 

Hut ab vor der Frau, die sich in die H枚hle gewagt hat. In dem Zusammenhang muss man es dem MDR als Leistung anerkennen, dar眉ber zu berichten:

Getting ready to build more prototypes to be sent out to a hackerspace near you

Oh wow, I accidentally hit some default keystrokes in and hell just froze over.

The KDE family grows: Kaidan, the Kirigami-based Jabber chat client joins the Community:

13 months of Pull Request tending, smoltcp has finally merged DHCP client support:

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