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The best anime opening song is the one from One Punch Man

Why am I registering all of these weird domain names?

Because ICANN.

Just heard this "You never see churches with free WiFi because they don't want to compete with an invisible power that actually works."

Hat jemand schon erfolgreich mit genutzt? Bekomme einen "The redirect uri included is not valid" Fehler, der wohl bei manchen Instanzen/Versionen/Server-Konfigurationen auftritt und bei manchen nicht.

Can we please have 100% self-driving cars already? This was supposed to be the future.

Hilarious, mind-expanding, and VERY LONG article about transhumanism and Elon Musk's Neuralink:

Ich bin froh, dass Journalisten anfangen die Pseudo-Metriken wie Follower, Retweets und Likes mal zu hinterfragen. Sehr schöne Analyse!
Ein AfD-naher Account, analysiert von Tagesspiegel und Netzpolitik:

SSH-themed horror movie ideas

1) Host on Haunted Hill
2) Ghost in the zsh
3) Dude Where Did I Redirect My Output?
4) Paranormal Activity Detected
5) The Exorcism of systemd
6) The Silence of the Error Messages, Even on Debug Level
7) The GNU Witch Project
8) Salò, or the 120 Days With Still No Patch From Our Vendor
9) Invasion of the ICMP packets

If I eat toast in the morning and toast before bed, everything I've eaten in the day has been a big toasted sandwich

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