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A very nice read on why #gemini author should stop using unicode to customize text in a text only world from Alyssa Rosenzweig (Don't know if she is on the fediverse sorry).


My teachers literally said that calculator bit verbatim


It hurts.


Female researchers as a percentage of total researchers by country.

Today in our "that can't be possible?" series, I got asked to update a script that extracts data from a database and drops a CSV somewhere. It already smells bad enough, but there's more.

There was no script, somebody had just dropped a CSV there once in 2014. The consumer thought they had up to date data while they were reading the same file over and over again.

For 7 years. And nobody realized.

fav wer in den letzten monaten alle vermeidbaren kontakte in innenräumen vermieden hat, RT wer das unverändert seit mitte märz getan hat.

reply wenn ihr mitteilen wollt wie das war, anstrengend, nervig, mit diskussionen verbunden oder oder

A fascinating idea. Viewing your browser tabs as part of the filesystem, allowing you to use standard Unix filesystem tools to view and manipulate the tab contents. The Unix "everything is a file" concept is still a powerful one.

Via Hacker News [ ]

#Unix #Linux #WebBrowsers #Filesystems

Corona Contact Tracing Germany jetzt auf F-Droid 🚀

Unabhängig von Google; microg-App nicht erforderlich. Ausschließlich freie Software, reproduzierbar kompiliert.

(Dieses mal mit richtigem Link 🙂)

Man merkt wie hier systematisch Darkpattern ausgenutzt werden um, man kann es schön reden wie man will, Leute jeden Tag aufs neue übers Ohr zu hauen.

Endkunden wie B2B-Kunden. Das Bild vom "ehrlichen Geschäftsmann" es löst sich im Internet im Moment komplett auf.

Es ist einfach zum Mäuse melken. Die größte Plattform zum Austausch von Informationen aller Zeiten und wir haben nichts besseres damit zu tun, als Leute zum eigenen Vorteil nach allen Regeln der Kunst übern Tisch zu ziehen.

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@oppen I've recently discovered Gemini and Ariane, so thank you very much for that! Can you please tell me if and how there is a way to enable dark mode in Ariane (as shown on the screenshot) on Android <10?

Oh #Mozilla is going wild. Sad for the people that got laid off, but also kind of expected given that Mozilla was living from Google and Google decided they no longer need Firefox to dominate the web.

We have to find a way to keep the code of and around #Firefox alive if we want to keep at least a little bit of the #web away from chromification.

I hope Mozilla finds a better way to keep it's browser alive than making it their marketing horse. :/

If you’re going to call me an atheist, please don’t stop there:

Also call me an awitchist, avampirist, awerewolfist, and asantaist because I don’t believe in that bullshit either.

Or be accurate and say I’m not superstitious. Of course, that might mean acknowledging that you are.

vs :

Microsoft vs free graphics APIs:

Microsoft vs KDE Frameworks
aka we are the bigger project only GitHub stars matter and legal said yes:

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish!

“Should I pipe it?”

So, fellow developers, you know how we’re all told not to pipe installation scripts into our shells and yet we all do it anyway? I just rolled a little something that might help with that…

Here’s an example of the nvm install script, verified by yours truly:

What do you think?

Anyone with a GitHub account can help verify installation scripts (would be good to have two more for nvm).


Thoughts? :)

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