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oh hi! it's an introduction post i guess. i'm aurelia, somewhere in my 20s, she/they, transfemme, and i yell at clouds for a living.

you may remember me from "the person who ran", or you may not, it's certainly been a while

oh, and blockchain is a dead end technology

I genuinely want to know what the point of me personally masking is when everyone around me has stopped giving a shit and I'm guaranteed to get covid in the next 12 or so months anyway.

it feels like it's entirely out of my hands now, it's just a matter of when

i wish github a very swift death (as a service)

spending hours of your private time reproducing and explaining issues to a vendor for them to shrug and say lol wontfix

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dear security researchers, i understand your pain now

"alternative facts are great if they work in our favor, what are you, a fascist?"

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it's not like you can't criticize either while steelmanning them, no no no

they're just too fucking lazy for that tho

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this is the entire vaush clipping sport brought to its logical conclusion

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twitter is a magical place where left wingers will retweet maga assholes if only they manage to clip biden out of context

weniger als ne stunde in der kölner Innenstadt und 2 "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH" scamversuche

muss dran liegen das englisch gesprochen hab

the curse of finding old writings of yourself pre-transition

everything oidc does is wrong on many levels too

just reading client initiated backend authentication makes me shiver

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i should have a blog so i can write a 22 page article on "everyone does oidc wrong"

i know someone will hate me for this but i hate setting up shared directories with unix permission bits or acl enough that I prefer to setup local nfs with all_squash to write from my user folder into nobody-owned samba shares

i'm gonna be angry at technology for a while

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