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The following is a gem from an old coworker. This should go down in history of what it was like to work in an office.

From: Dan [REDACTED]
Sent: Friday, October 05, 2007 10:37 AM
To: staff@******.com
Subject: The Maid

All -

Due to budget constraints we had to let the maid go.

This will impact the maid the most, but it will also impact the rest of us.

- If you use any dishes/silverware/glasses/coffee mugs/etc. for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/whatever - rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher after you've soiled them.

- The dishwasher is that big white box that is built into the cabinet. Many of you may have walked by it and not even noticed it was there. If you need help locating it, please see me.

- The dishwasher is a very advanced machine. You put dirty dishes in, add soap, and run it. Approximately 1 hour later the dishes are clean.

- The dishwasher is a sophisticated device, but it is not entirely automated. It still requires that the end user periodically take the clean dishes from the device and place them back into their proper locations in the cabinets etc. I can show you where things go if you need help.

- The refrigerator is also a handy device to have around. It keeps your food and beverages from spoiling. It does not have magical powers however. If food is left in there for months on end - it will turn into a science experiment gone bad... Please check your supplies every now and again. Throw out your old moldy un-eatable food.

- The soda found in the fridge doesn't magically "jump into the fridge" on it's own. If you drink soda - take a turn and refill it every now and again.

The maid will be missed, but if we all pull together, we can get through this trying time....
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@ops s mail certificate is just expired.

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Könnt ihr mir mal so kurz 8-10 Mentions/Interactions auf diesen Toot hinterlassen?

Danke <3

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Ein Artikel über Linken Diskurs und ein Aufruf zu mehr Empathie, mehr Toleranz der Unvollkommenheit gegenüber, für konstruktive Kritik und für eine bessere Kommunikation.

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@juli Was ist denn das Software-Äquivalent von IKEA-Möbeln? Vielleicht eine npm-Toolchain konfigurieren? Unschlagbar billig, aber es fehlt gerne ein Teil und umziehen will man es auch nicht? @rash


Ich wurde gerade zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben geblockt 😕. Vermutlich für die Verteidigung der freiheitlichen, demokratischen Grundordnung. Von einem (vermutlich) Linken. Obviously , falls du doch diskutieren möchtest, gerne!

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@ordnung Ich vermisse ja ein bisschen ein Känguru Emoji. So mit roten Boxhandschuhen und so...

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Please send us a few mentions, favs, boots to any toot, DMs or other stuff so we can test our support app with real data. Thank you!

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proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

@spacekookie ich habe gerade versucht deinen Blog zu abonnieren, da ich deine u.a deine Artikel über deine Erfahrungen mit Rust mag. Leider bringt dein Feed meinen Feedreader zum Absturz da der Feed nicht ganz valides RSS ist (glaube ich) s.

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@rixx 102% und ich wüsste wo ich besser sein könnte.

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I know doing tech support is a difficult job, but when someone says "I'm trying to use technology X", the correct response is not "Your config files show you using technology X+Y, have you thought about using technology X? Here is some pointers on using technology Y."

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Bannon Slams Mnuchin Over China Trade Truce; “You Might As Well Have Hank Paulson Doing This”

@MacLemon ich versuche gerade mittels iocage und pf auf Freebsd 11.1 jails hinter einer gemeinsamen IP zu erstellen (NAT), darf ich dir dazu fragen stellen? – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community