Also at the Radical Bookfair in there will be a talk from on organizing solidarity with comrades during the war. Saturday at 19:00. Full program of the bookfair is available also in english! - radicalbookfairleipzig.blackbl

Their drummer got into wheelchair and the band stopped their existence. And even though their last album Imperivm is from 2007 (they were supposed to present it in Minsk) I still believe that their album is one of the best in history of political crust-punk.

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Back in 2007 we were hanging out at local canteen "Liner" in waiting for awesome crust band "Ictus" to come to our capital-village. That day they got into horrible accident on the road to venue and didn't play after that at all.

Anarchist Comrades will be selling shirts and sweatshirts with "Goats" from this Saturday and Sunday at Radical Bookfair in . All the money will go to support work of Solidarity Collectives in .

Social state "USSR style": in workers are getting milk as extra for working on harmful production instead of money. Even in prison you get extra piece of butter and egg per day if your health is compromised...

There is a saying in russian "talking shit is not moving heavy sacks". Kind of what a lot of sofa experts miss on this social network talking about or any other serious topic.

Repressions against uprising of 2020 in continues 2 years later - today Belsat journalist Katerina Andreyeva was sentenced to 8 years in prison "for state treason" additionally to 2 years she is already serving for public disorder.

Just a normal day for workers from "Elite-Line I" internet provider in . Sign says "Stop Mines"

Some direct action from occupied - several youngsters have beaten up russian military for having "Z" on his clothes. Russia media is going crazy about it...

Ukrainian migration office continues deporting belarusian activists out of the country. On 5 July belarusian volunteer from was kicked out for "violating rules of stay in " (while the migration office was closed)

Co-founder of "No Border" project in , journalist and human rights defender Maxim Butkevich was taken hostage by the russian forces in Luhansk region several weeks ago. He joined the military forces to fight back russian invasion at the beginning of the war.

An interview with Yuri, member of Solidarity Collectives (former Operation Solidarity) on why the organization was transformed, what are the challenges of their work right now in and a bit of perspectives on the future.

Reformed Solidarity Collective ( continues work of supporting and fighting back russian invasion in

Reformed Solidarity Collective ( continues work of supporting and fighting back russian invasion in

Some anarchists love to bring Malatesta to the debate to oppose any support of comrades in . Let's not drop everything that Malatesta was saying. Here is his quote from "War and the Anarchists"

Court hearing against one of the opponents of the war in . Sign says "Do you still need this war". Russian state and it's struggle against a piece of paper... Alexey Gorinov on the pictures got today 7 years in prison for "Discreditation of russian army"

Burning house in Avdiivka after russian shelling. Many cities and towns are getting completely destroyed since the beginning of the war...

A poster in says "Alaska is ours". Waiting for some russian imperialists to figure the story with ...

Russian state looting museums in is a classical imperial policy of the state.

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