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It should go without saying but Israel knows this doesn’t stop rockets (see: more than a decade of Gaza Wars), but does it anyway because the IDF use terror to discipline the open air prison that is the Gaza Strip twitter.com/lummideast/status/

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"There is no end to fascism as long as capitalism exists. It will be here within our communities always waiting for its moment to rise again and destroy the society." - transcript of the speech I gave on 8 May in


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If you still believe that the state can achieve communism after a century of counter-examples, you are either naive, uninformed, or deluded. Evidence shows very clearly that the anarchists were right: supporting states means supporting the continuation of capitalism.

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And while , , and other political parties are profiting from the conflict, the people are becoming once again the victims of the terror state. Solidarity with people in !

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This is the result of long lasting pro-israel politics of german state and german antideutsch leftists who are trying to point in other direction every time there is escalation in Palestine.

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While the rest of the world condemns the bullshit Israel is doing with settlers and attacking civilians in german leftists are bursting with how bad is and how unfair is treatment of in world politics.

An anarchist street artist Hadad from Khabarovsk was arrested today on charges of justifying terrorism (up to 7 years in prison) on social networks in 2018 in connection with anarchist attack on FSB headquarters in Arkhangelsk.

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Während Feuer auf dem Moschee-Gelände brennt, tanzen die Siedlerjugend zum israelischen Rechtsrock: Der halb-biblishce Refrain lautet "Rache für eins meiner beiden Augen an Palästina, seien sie verdammt" twitter.com/noa_landau/status/

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(cw stalinism/tankies orgasm)Yesterday belarusian vatniki were also celebrating Stalin's victory in the second world war

Артём Лоскутов хуй, а не панк, как говорили классики.

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обнаружил себя в 10 самых дорогих современных художников России style.rbc.ru/impressions/6096a

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On 9 August hundreds of people participated in fight against police in town south of starting uprising in their town against dictatorship. 14 of those people were identified and last week sentenced to 5.5 - 6.5 years in prison.

An anarchist from Bairam Mamedov was found dead couple of days ago in Turkey. No details of the death are known yet. In 2016 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for action against dictator Aliev and released in 2019 by president pardon.

An anarchist comrade from Venezuela Nelson Mendez died yesterday in hospital from COVID-19. He was one of the activists running anarchist magazines "El Libertario" and Correo (A). Rest in power!

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The Investigative Researcher's Handbook (London: Refract, 1983) compiled and edited by Stuart Christie. Dedicated to railway worker and secretary of the Milan section of the Anarchist Black Cross, Giuseppe Pinelli.

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This combination of Jewish and Negro-Germanism should be a product of its own. His intrusiveness also comes from his negro heritage.

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It is quite clear to me that he, as the construction of his skull and hair also prove, was descended from those negroes who joined the tribe led by Moses when he came out of Egypt (if only his mother or grandmother on his father's side had sinned with a negro)...

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Marx as many of his fellow german socialists was deeply racist. In his letter to Engels he writes:

"The Jewish nigger Lassalle, departing by chance at the end of this week, lost 5,000 thalers again in some kind of suspicious speculation...

This is the true colors of hammer and sickle for majority of the working class from the former East Block. The symbol stands for corruption, authoritarianism and extreme luxury life of the party elites.

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