Hey pips, i'm an from reporting what is going on right now in english. Would love some boosting to get more attention inside anarchist and leftist circles on situation in the country.

Maybe would be better in Nestor Makhno's language instead :P
@bad_immigrant As much as I am a friend of ethical anarchy IN THEORY, history seems to strongly suggest the danger of leaving government to fascists as long as they exist...
@ken it's pretty difficult to armor people/governments against the rich. :ablobcatsweatsip:

@bad_immigrant hi what is your opinion on the use of the WRW flag?

Particularly seeing as this flag was used by fascists under German occupation

Do you see this as a neoliberal\nationalist uprising fomented by the West or an organic movement?


@EnglishRed i will prepare a text this night on this issue. Hope that will be ok with you :)

@bad_immigrant Excellent I will be fascinated to read!!

I would also posit the question to you you're thought on the oppositions "demands" which read like a neoliberal firesale of Belarussian state assets and demands to loosen worker protections and job securities in Belarus

If you're unaware of the demands they are here

@EnglishRed i'm sorry but the link provides some weird shit. No source so far. I also haven't seen this text in russian anywhere. Seems like an attempt to discredit the protest. Oppositional parties are not really present at the protest...

@bad_immigrant the source is here which (if I'm to believe this person on Twitter) is the oppositions Web page

they took it down quite quickly but someone archived it

@EnglishRed hey, registers under I think you can't trust those two sources.

@bad_immigrant Hey bud,

few days ago you told me I couldn't trust those sources on the opposition demanding privatisation which they quickly scrubbed from their websites

"It’s worth noting that the Tsikhanouskaya team decided to use an economic programme previously developed by liberal economists for the Belarusian opposition’s “united candidate”. It proposes a far-reaching privatisation of state assets, introducing new employment laws and other anti-social measures."

@EnglishRed i really don't have any idea where this comes from. The main point of Tsikhanouskaya elections is having new elections within couple of months. Economical program is out of question at least for her if she follows the idea of new elections.

@bad_immigrant That was their economic program if they came to power

They scrubbed it from their website (someone archived it before they did)

It was basically the Ukrainian Maidan NATO/EU economic package - IE. written by the IMF/US imperialism

They had no intention of coming to power by elections because no serious person believes Lukashenko didn't win the election (not by 80 percent sure but their is no way the criminal opposition won)

@EnglishRed i guess you know better siting outside of the country. And i also guess that Lenin taught you well to spot enemies of the working people from afar. Just make sure that your sources are 100% proof. It's a hard life to live on some propaganda from Moscow :)

@bad_immigrant Cheers i didnt think you had a rebuttal to it - i wouldve been interested to hear your perspective on why you support the protests

Pretty lights i guess

that open democracy piece was written by a Belarussian historian and green party member so unless Putin has figured out how to clone Belarussians and deploy them I think its safe to say this is a Nato and Eu sponsored coup to push Nato all the way up to Russias border

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