When your whole justice system survival depends on one 85 year women then there is something wrong with your "justice".

@bad_immigrant #ruthbaderginsburg

If the judicial system in a country is highly sensitive to the presence of a single person, then yes, that's evidence that the system has something badly wrong with it. When the executive system has power concentrated in a single person - an all-powerful president (FR, US, RU, BY) - that's also a sign of an undemocratic system.

But what's wrong with a position of significant power being held by an 85-year old woman? Do we really want #sexism or #ageism?

@boud it is not about her at all. It is about system that is so unstable, that death of this person will radically transform the way it works.It just shows how much power is given to the small group of people over the policies in the country (and those people are not even elected and have no time limit in the office)

@bad_immigrant @boud While in abstract your criticism of representative democracy in general and its specific implementation in US is valid, I can't say the same about using RBG as an example. Your representation of the consequences of her death is a gross exaggeration that feels like it's come from someone else's strawman argument. Yes, her death has pushed Americans to consider more radical options for SCOTUS, but it was only a final straw, not one decisive factor.

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