Belarusian regime claims that Hamas wanted to bomb Ryanair that was saved by Lukashenko personally. Today minister of transport read a letter from Hamas to Belarusian Minsk airport about bombing. They did all of that with serious faces... )))))))

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This state hijacking has brought the Łukaszenko dictatorship back into top news in the m.str western press, after Belarus had dropped down to "minor" news status like the #TigrayGenocide. The world now knows who Protasevich is: 142 edits in 31 hours on the brand new en.Wikipedia article + articles in 22 other languages:

The #TigrayGenocide war crimes under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki are not media amplified in the same way.

@boud @bad_immigrant There's still an ongoing edit war over that Wikipedia article, as part of a broader disinformation offensive:

FWIW I don't think contrasting Belarus and Tigray is a good idea. Pitting one oppressed people against another leads to things like Cyprus blocking EU sanctions against Lukashenka, and only helps to numb the Western public to humanitarian crises in general and to normalize human rights abuse.

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Well, my aim was to bring attention to both situations (among the few people who read my toots by chance; those who follow me already know that I'm interested in both situtations). Being aware of what's happening is not the same as proposing actions or decision-making on actions by oneself or by an organisation.

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