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Linux related stuff
- ArchLinux
- Gentoo
- Setup your laptop with panic functions

- Certificates
- cryptsetup with LUKS
- tinc VPN

- Setting it up
- Doing some automation

- Piano without scores

Some being I don't know invited me as github successor.

"Polizisten hab' ich fast so gern wie saures Rhabarbarkompott!" - Pippi Langstrumpf

Topic: FIDO2 keys.
We know the following:

- Yubico with its Yubikeys have OpenSource software but no OpenSource hardware.
It is coming from Sweden and the Silicon Valley.
It has no cover cap but a flat design.
It can create ecdsa and ed25519 keys.

- Nitrokey does have OpenSource in software and hardware.
It is coming from Germany.
It has a cover cap and is more cluncky like a regular usb flash drive.
It can create ecdsa keys only.

With which device do you feel safer?

What do they think I am? A cat? I am certainly not!

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I'm starting scuttlebutt the first time since a year or so ..
sounds like I'm mining bitcoins.
What a blockchain®.

you'll never know that im secretly coyote all the time

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